Friday, July 27, 2018

Old Soul

Tonight I caught myself drowning in some of the old songs, and also roughly scrolled through this old blog of mine, those content I used to blog about, pretty funny reading what my younger self had to say, and remembering the glorious blogging era, now has also somewhat died down.

Saw that I actually started blogging since 2006, those days I was still studying, passing exams, submitting assignments, hanging out with friends, puppy love, to now where I am, I must say it's a huge milestone. Now a mother to three, been through different work experiences, but one thing seems to remain the same, I am still as lost, as emotional as I was.

Is the nights like these, that I have so much to think about, to feel, to remember.

Saw this very good quote somewhere :
Often enough people keep wishing they can go back in time to fix certain things, but no one really think about what they can do at the present to impact a better future.

Let us all do better now, for a greater future?

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