Thursday, November 08, 2007


我最近发现了乐一格减肥方法 但你们不要学哦 不健康。。。

原来人失恋 是很自然地没有胃口 就算再美的美食 你都不会吃。。。
很容易想睡觉 因为睡觉才不会觉得痛苦


自然而然, 我应该也会减轻几磅。。。
有人告诉我, 到底眼泪会让我瘦吗?


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Deepavali?

Wishing al my Indian fellas who is celebrating this festive, do have a really wonderful one ok?! HAPPY DEEPAVALI!

Tomorrow, a holiday, woohoo! But unfortunately it's only 1 day, so I was wondering, why do Indians get to celebrate their festive for only one day?! Malays have their long holidays for Hari Raya , and counting in other Raya Haji plus minus, Chinese do have their Chinese New Year and also other small small festives, but Indians, I only heard of Deepavali and Thaipusam, so total sum up it's only 2 days.. 2 days?!

Talking about festive, besides Deepavali, X'mas is on his way here, after that, looking forward to Chinese New Year! Yay!! So there is a benefit living in a multi racial country, where you can have all sort of holiday even the festive has nothing to do with you, untungnya~ Well let me take one day, I don't know when, I will count how many holidays we have in a year,that would be interesting eh?

Looking forward for x'mas, just hope there is no events up on that day, pray*
Oh one more thing, Christians do celebrate their own race festives do they, like Indian Christians celebrates Deepavali? Chinese Christians celebrates Chinese New Year? Confused...

Anyhow, good day to all and happy holiday, although it's only for 1 day, hahaha...

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another one...

Another raping case...
9 year old Indian girl, raped and thrown out of the balcony...
She was left 2 hours without the parents...

Now, people say don't go out and stay at home,yu will be safe... But for now,staying at home isn't safe,so where do we go now? dig a hole and hide?

I used to walk with my 2 besties to school in the early morning, well nothing ever happens, except for once when I have to walk alone, I met this moron who actually half masturbating infront of me, wtf... That's where I carry my pepper spray...

So now, people are getting more violent, more beasty, more scary... Are we back to the uncivilize era, or we are worse than that?

Well you tell me...

P.S= girls, please be exra caution about our surrounding ok? ^^

Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Start

Stepped my foot at Star Event Company today, for the first time, 2 months internship,grr...
Well fist impression, superiors are nice, colleagues are nice, and everything nice, maybe it's the first day, everything seems fine...
I am looking forward to invloved myself into just anything that the company is dealing with, I wanna be as busy as I can, coz at this moment, I am just sitting down here, surfing the net and doing nothing...
Between, have anyone of you registered to Well the design is cute, I guess girls will love it so much, so if you are interested, go and do a slight survey,it won't take you long...

If anyone of you have registeredm add me at Jester85 ok?
Hope everyone is doing great in their internship ok? Muahhh!!

The cutie female version

The male version