Friday, May 31, 2013

To Love At All

Pinterest has always been my best source of good quotes and interesting pictures, pretty much still addicted to this. :) 

Here I found one I thought I would want to share...

To love At All Is To Be VULNERABLE

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wedding Year 2013

This year, I have been receiving quite a number of 'red bombs', and these people are not just friends, but those who are really close to me. =)

Those days when we were younger, all that we have seen are just who and who are in a relationship, now it feels like a trend to be engaged! EVERYONE IS JUST GETTING ENGAGED! 

Soon it will be first born child, then second then third... It's the age thing I am telling you...

One of my best friend's bf came proposing to her in the office, and another best friend of mine is getting married this September, and another wedding coming up in June! 

To all the couples who have been recently engaged, happy engagement! 

Can't wait to attend and send our wishes to the couple(s) 

Kinda like the set up in this picture, anyone doing a dinner at the neighbourhood? 

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Do You Judge?

To be honest, it is natural for human being to judge, I judge too, but I will  try not to judge and jump into conclusion, or at the least of judging someone on the good side - I think she is capable, I think she probably knows a lot, I think she is good in what she does...

Even if that person doesn't give me good vibes, I will TRY to (the keyword is try, sometimes its just right at your face and you couldn't resist but to judge based on that) think maybe he/she has her reasons, maybe they have been through a lot that's why...

Read an article, this site have been my positive energy provider, I hope it does the same to you. :)
Enjoy peeps!