Thursday, July 29, 2010

Celcom MTV World Stage

To all music lover fans out there, thanks to Celcom Channel X, they are bringing down some of the hottest performing artists to perform live in Sunway Pyramid.Well, especially when you are into Katty Perry's pretty blue eyes, Tokio Hotel, or even Wonder Girls ( Yes the pretty girls from Korea),  you should not be missing this change to be there with them don't ya?

Here is your chance to be hear them sing and perform live for you, you can dance all you want, you can scream all you have, and you can just sing like there is no one listening!

Venue : Surf Beach @ Sunway Pyramid
Time : 31st July 2010, 6PM

Visit Channel X if you want to get a taste of a real cool concert, are you going? Yes you are!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Munchy's Music

Let me list down some of the ways you can get girls around you, well at least these attracts me...

1. Your killer suit (Suit you put charm on it)
2. Your stylish hairstyle
3. Your killer smile
4. Your skill of sweet talking
5. Your skill in instruments
6. Your personality - Down to earth prince charming
7. Your dance moves
8. Your way of being shy when you get compliments
9. Your way of looking
10. And if you know beat boxing

Let's say if you can do something like this and you are in Malaysia, and on top of that you are looking for a chance to perform and show your skills, well your chance is here!

Let's look at how good beat boxing kick ass when you are not in the right place for it, but you get the pass from the judges to finish off the whole performance, without them shooing you away with the bell on their hands.

Now Malaysians here's you chance of beat boxing competition!
Music Munchy's

I bet you can do better than this boy can you?

Monday, July 19, 2010


I remember I used to admire him a lot, but the fact that I will only see him on TV, forget about it, how you would even bump into him even if you are in Bangkok, like what you studied in Add Math during secondary school, the kebarangkalian (Possibility) is like 0…

But hell yea, after how many miserable years, I met him, not going to miss a chance to take a picture! Actually few pictures ehehe *shy* ; someone even told him I am his hardcore fan since 14 wtf…

So well here you go, some pictures I taken with him during this Celcom Xplay party hehehe… 
 Look at that fan girl face wtf...
Well if you are a fan of UTT and you know what, you can see him at the next Xplay party. !hi
***Melaka, Pure Bar, Friday 23rd July***

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Creative Now

Was surfing the net, and randomly saw this laptop, it's customized in a heart shape, damn pretty, perfect for a valentines' gift, or I guess you can use it for proposal instead of a ring.
Malaysia, can you have more customized design laptop now?

Shit I wish I can have this... T_T