Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mom.. Dad..

Finally I am gonna start work next Tuesday, working as a part-time trainer, which I am going to train internal people about presenting and product briefing.

Mom.. Dad..Ever know that why I insisted in working? At first my timetable is quite loosen up and I do not want to waste alot of time doing nothing at home after class.. The priority of me getting a job, is actually for you both, to have the chance to shower you both with all I can earn for now, at this time..

My biggest wish, is to see you both go for holidays or even honeymoon without needing to come out with a cent, or even to worry about the budget of the whole holiday, all will be sponsor by me and of course brother.

I know you both will never read this, that's why I am gonna write down just anything that I wanna say, and wish that somehow one day, you can feel what I feel while writing this blog.

Mom dad, I knew during my schooling time, I showered you with alot of dissapointment, mom you even felt so heartbroken taht you actually cried for my PMR results for not scoring flying colours in it, such tough women I knew since I was born, not even the hardest day could make her shed tears, but it was me..

You are working hard, you carry high responsibilities, and you don't spend for yourself, when I asked why.. You always say :" It's not easy to earn money,if there is any emergency, at least there is some to count on.."

Tears are starting to roll down halfway through the blog..**

I knew it was hard, I knew it was suffering, I knew you were not in a bed of roses till now,you have not got the chance to sit back and enjoy, there is so much more I couldn't just type it here, so much more, there is just so much more..

Please let me promised you that, you will be enjoying life when your daughter is successful, it won't be long mom dad..
I love seeing you both smile and laugh, that's the greatest smile I ever seen in my whole life.. I love you..

Sunday, May 27, 2007


经过了那整晚的失眠.. 想起很多东西..



某人说:" 你知道为什么你会觉得我的眼睛美吗? 因为我一直看的都是你.."
You know why my eyes are beautiful? Because I am looking at you..

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Crowded Cinemas

Wow wow, starting from 24th of May, I guess you will be so horrified by the crowd of people purchasing tickets for this movie, gosh! Parkings are limited, ilegal parkings are overload, the crowd is somehow too big, wooh , it's like you can't breath the thin air!! *Gasping for air* =O

But after this blockbuster, there are more to come!
*Resident Evil: Extinction

*Shrek 3: The Third


*Alon9 ( Well it's a thai horror movie,The Shutter's director)
*Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix
*Die Hard 4!!

Alright talking about Shrek 3, went to Mc.D with him, guess what he got back for me? Lol blardy shrek! Jeez what I noticed at first was the people working at Mc.D were wearing green little shrek ears muahauahauha! The packing and the drinks all are in total green! Don't get what I meant? Go visit Mc.D one of these days haha, you will find that like you are in a swamp place where shrek used to hang out =D.
But anyhow,thanks baby for the shrek, love it so much, plus it can talk and er.. Burp? =D Freaking hillarious!

Monday, May 21, 2007


Aww damn..!!
Bloody bodyshop is having those crazy sales again! And guess what, they came out a new and limited edition perfume named "White Musk Too",but well, after sniffing it haha, I guess I will stick on to my all time favourite "White Musk", I bought the body lotion, the smell made me remind of my old schooling days during the secondary days, where I used to carry this smell in school haha.. Those were the good old days where we used to laugh through the whole day, remember those days Mady, Esther and Han Seng? Really miss you guys, you guys are really friends for life!

Well you might not remember someone's name or their outlook, one thing you will always regconized and remember is the smell..
Cheers people! Have a great week!

The Collection of White Musk

Sunday, May 20, 2007


哇... 好想哭噢!
我的宝贝可爱帖子不见啦! 授完房间每一个角落, 都找不到!

帖子找不到, 反而灰尘一大堆! 害我要把房间抹一片!

Monday, May 07, 2007


芝就对着眼前黑暗的海滩说.. 咦? 眼前一片黑暗.. 什么都看不到..
弛就答说 .. 不是啊! 那边有一道光芒.. 如果仔细的看, 一定看得到!

What life is all about..

Ever encounter such situation when you can't sleep at night, staying up thinking about how your future looks like? You fell asleep without you yourself noticing it and the next morning you wake up, you feel so blur so aimles about your life..
Seriously I been through these situations many times,since when I started this? Since the day I started to think about my future..
A message for someone:
I know you are so worried and pissed off about your grades and marks for your results, and from here you started to link the grades to your future and afraid you might not have a good one.. Sweetie, no one knows about the future, you can't tell from your grades,they are not the fortune teller, you are you ownself fortune teller, you are incharge of what your future will be like.. Some people make billions, some did things that others thought it was a miracle, since there are people earning billions and making miracles, it shows that, you can be one of them too! Ask yourself,others can do it, why not you?! Why not me?!
You said working and studies, you are making your working life as primary,not so quick,no rush,no hurry,you have plenty of time to work, you even have your whole lifetime working, but studying is just a temporaly period for you to learn more,why not equip yourself more before you even step into a battlefield?
Our future are bright, as long as we never give up on it, don't let those obstacle pull you down,think of the other side of the coin, let them be your motivation to achive better,ok?