Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Concept

OMG I found something that I won't stop looking at it!!!!

Well let's say I am not exactly a shopaholic, no not because I don't like, it's money concern!
Most of all, I'm definitely not a shoe freak!

But but but...
There was this sinful afternoon where I was browsing some pages, I found something really irresistible!
No not the usual footwear...
This is just too simple!
Nope not the unique heels you ever seen on streets

This Rose thingy can't beat what I saw

Nope not even HIM can take my breath away

Because what I found is definitely handmade and unique



I shall have them ALL!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Am I?

This is one of the days, I'll ask myself, if I'm improving, staying on the same spot, or moving backwards?
Miserable feelings...

Thursday, January 07, 2010

March please march faster!

Coz I can't wait to watch Alice In Wonderland!

This is one of my favourite cartoons when I was young, the weird happenings, the imaginations, the colours, the different characters and the biscuits will just spin off my imagination when I watch it...
I never get bored of watching this cartoon, and whenever I eat biscuits, I wish I will grow smaller or bigger, hopping that a rabbit will jump out of no where holding a clock, telling me I am late!

Best of all, the movie coming soon, Johnny Depp is acting as the mischievous cat!
How can I miss this movie? The make up is just quirky and cool. =)

Maybe in the new movie, they should have add in a new character ---> Jester

I bet Jester will add the spice in the movie, hohohoho!
Don't you think so? *wink wink*

Talking about spice... Yesterday I heard someone mentioned Spicy Girls instead of Spice Girls...