Sunday, June 26, 2011


Was walking with mom at 1 Utama yesterday, saw this little boy at the Transformer's booth asking his dad to buy him the Optimus Prime, so cute!

I told my mom " Mummy, I really love kids, especially those with very Chinese looking ones, with really small eyes, nice pointy nose, then when they smile right, can see all the little baby teeth nicely line up, and you can barely see the eyes, so cute! I wanna have a baby now!"

Expecting my mom to ask me to focus on work first, family can come later bla bla bla, she said "Ya go give birth one for me, so I can play with my grandchild..." *Eh totally speechless*

I do love kids, really cute ones, if I ever have my own kids, if is a HE, I will make sure he wear really cute tiny sport shoes, polo T shirts or checkered shirt.
If is a SHE, I will make sure she wear really cute bright colour flowery dresses, and also with cute pair of shoes. 

My cousin's son, geram feel like biting his cheeks!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger,

If you happen to find my heart, 
Can you help me to keep it in a safe box,
Safe from others who wants to hurt it badly,

Because if I ever have it back,
I might hand it over to the same person,
Whom I know, he will hurt it over and over again.

I rather not have it back.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

5th June 2011 - Smile

Today, I watched a few videos and I realize human being are actually strong in their mind.
No matter how unfortunate you are, but when you stand strong, you are always a better person.

Even if the whole world give up hope on you, as long as you still have faith in yourself, that's where you stand up and face them, because you are your own greatest strength, and you will be the one who will always stand by your side.

On a side note, I never really understand how to properly define someone with a sweet smile and presence, but now I know, is where no matter how bad things can go wrong, you greet it with a smile, and in exchange the world smile with you.

Smile People.