Sunday, June 28, 2009

I need a haircut

Getting bored of my hairstyle now, I guess I need a little bit of change!
There are times when I bump into some old friends, the first ever thing they just have to say is " Hey you still look the same!..." While on the other hand I have friends changing hairstyle like drinking water, ish!

Ok so now, I'm still thinking what hairstyle suits my face...
If I'm skinny and my face is sharp enough, I'll definitely go for a super short hairstyle that I can style, but well...

These are some of the few hairstyles I had before... Yes I have never do any digital perm or what so ever to my hair, and it's the first time I dyed my hair, and it was like beginning of this year, coz no $$$ lah,and I don't have the patience to keep my hair long for the princess looking curly hair...

I remembered I was whining about my short hair, that I wish I will wake up again with my long hair! But then now the length of my hair is persuading me to the saloon for a short hair, back to what I had months ago...

This is another candid of my short hair, which a lot of my friends said I looks better with short hair...

This was like 3 years back, and the only few picture I can find with my abit long hair...

So so so... Shall I like keep my hair long and maybe do a little perming or cut it short again? Can't really decide at the moment, once felt the urge to cut fringe too!!! Ada apa advice?!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

There goes Andy Lau's classic

This is someone you guys know!
Was ordered to censored his name, hahahahah!

Tiger Party

I have to say, by far this is the most happening and fun party I've ever attended, you got to enjoy both atmosphere and the people there.
Here are some of the pictures I finally got to collect and post it up here!

All the way from British! The 40 year old virgin!!! Susan Boyle!

David... The 2 face that I painted.

My darling hehehe...

The Nuffie girls!!

The group picture, I like this picture a lot

The winner who walked away with a pink Coach bag and Susan Boyle

The random captured shots

The girls and the terrorist!

Joseph the Malaysian Scissorshand, also the winner who walks away with XBox!

The crowd

Santa Nic


The lucky terrorist

The Malaysian Chris Bond

Yes I was being chased by the Spartans AKA Ah Long lah!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nick Vujicic

There are times in life, you will have tough moments, moments that made your negative thoughts gone wild, and lead to giving up and do nothing.

When you fall, some tried standing up, and gave up. Well some don't even try and certified their lost to the fall. But some, they never give up in standing back up.
So which one do you think you are? Or which one do you think you wanna be?

I remembered when I was having lunch at Shanghai 10 with the nuffies, Nic showed me an email, which is quite true to read, it's asking how will you want to do when you face problems.

I've seen people, with all the things they needed from the physical, but I guess, we are just not well equip with the inside spirit, the courage, to do wonders, to go extra mile for themselves. On the other hand, there are some people out there, might not have the complete set of physical outlook, but the courage and fighting spirit can be so much more stronger than us.

Here a video clip of Nick Vujicic, a man with no arms and legs, he is basically only a square with his head. If you were one of Nick Vujicic case, imagine what things can you do, without your arms and legs. Probably thinking you can't even eat, drink, dressed up, bath, walk,or even giving a hug, all the basic things that we are doing now, that we never realize that there are people out there can't even do such basic act, and shame on us whining about how much we wanted to give up, and they are the ones showing us giving up is not going to help...
I appreciate people like this, and they are the people that gives me the inspiration, when I fall and needed strength to stand up again.

Please watch the clip, you will find really good inspiration for life.

Cheers people, and finish it strong!

Monday, June 08, 2009

What is he doing?

Still waiting to get the Tiger Party pictures, I know I took some pictures with some bloggers, if there is any, please pass it to me? Or drop me your URL, so I can visit your blog and get the pictures too, hehehe...
At the mean time...
Maybe you can come out a creative tagline for this picture...
See who is the most creative tagline get to walk away with Nicholas's kiss...
The contest shall begin!

Picture 1

Picture 2

Quick send in your creative taglines!!!
*Let's hope he won't find out about this*

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Speedy Gonzalez : Join The Pact

Especially in Klang Valley, even when you own a damn good sports car, you just don't seems to have the chance to speed, mainly because there are two barriers stop us from speeding.

1. It's definitely the traffic! It jams all the way from point A to not even point B yet, maybe point A.5, you freaking need more time to reach the destination that it might only takes you half an hour?

2. It's when the road is clear once in a blue moon, and when you thought it's the good time to have your engine to make some noise and do a little speedy thing..... The front awaits you usually are the speed traps and there goes, you pay RM300 for a little speed.

So... Conclusion is, Malaysians like us, not like other countries where we have the government getting the people to be summon if they drive too slow, do not really get the chance to be in a speeding car, but well... I am now not talking about normal speed car, what is 150km per hour man? It's more on being on a rocket, far more, imagine having a ride on the F1 cars, where you can only drool over TV or feel the impact in your dreams, yes your dream is coming true, YOU REALLY HAVE TO RIDE ON THIS!

Johnnie Walker is making dreams come true, promoting the Don't Drink & Drive campaign, on top of that, the surprise is

Mika Häkkinen is coming!!!!
I myself love sitting in fast cars, but damn this car is really FAST!

I'm trying to get this once in a lifetime experience in riding together with Mika Häkkinen on a JTP Super Car!!!

Pretty simple to stand a chance to win this experience, what you have to do is to...
Write in a blog post

Why him?
Two time Formula 1 World Champion!
Seven times world champion and rival Michael Schumacher has said himself that Häkkinen is the man he respected the most during his Formula One career.

Isn't that enough for you to Sign The Pact for him?!
I signed, and make sure you do too, because good things good experience never come easily and often enough, you can only dream about it, why not try your luck!

p/s: Mika Häkkinen will be at Sunway Pyramid on 13th Sept 09 for the launch and JTP Supercar demo run, be sure to catch him there!

Food Paradise

Was at Malacca for a weekend get away, love the food there, yes it was a makan trip, I just love Malacca, a historical and pretty place.
Here are some shots I took when we set our feet in one of the chill out place at Jonker Street, was there 3 years ago, down to Malacca for business trip, and my colleague took me here, and yea I'm back again, nothing seems to change, and I love the atmosphere here...

Malacca Geographer

One day, I wish I can just step foot in beautiful places, but my target is to go around Malaysia 1st, especially the East part of Malaysia!
Join me maybe?
Or there is any suggestions where can I go more?

Holidays Update!

It was great to have weekend getaways!
Redang was really nice, I miss the beach there, where you just don't feel like you are in Malaysia.

The water is so freaking clear that you can see the bottom and the fishes swimming, this is what I call Paradise!

Yes you can see alphabets don't you?! But well it's the failure version of YMCA, I know it's my fault lah!!

Nope, no idea why is there a foot gathering

The erm... I don't know! I'm just tumpang in the scene only!

Yea the dunno what the hell is this scene all about punya shot!

The spotted turtle by the anak laut

It's damn heavy to get it up, plus it was struggling real hard for life

But well, it failed and ended up on the boat, after all the patting and photo shooting, he was release back to the ocean. I'm sure he was cursing us " Freaking humans!"

The Ding Dong Diang

The gangsta on the beach! You don't mess with us!

Ah I just love the beach! I'm such a beach person!

Noticed my arms and legs are so red,evening was awesome

I like this picture, the symbol...

Yes typical Chinese lah! Go where gamble until where! The big cards doesn't stop the addiction!

Cho Dai Di punya kaki, if you can't find any for Cho Dai Di, remember their faces ok?
They are on anytime one, hehehehe!

The fella behind is always stealing scenes! Hello you mind?!

Can I stay on the island forever pls?

I was really practicing the drawing on the sand, hmmm kinda artistic right? Please say yes, i need compliments for this masterpiece!

The Malaysia version of Davinci Code, where you don't know what the hell does this mean...

Seriously, it was quite a nice trip, but despite I've been here years ago, this time was abit disappointing, maybe it's becoming more commercialize, it's more polluted already, and well, the corals and fishes, are soon to be gone, pretty sad uh...
So for those who haven't step foot on this pretty islands, it's worth going, and only if you are a beach person, well who is not right?!