Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy Cina Valentines

The last day of CNY in 2010, time flies, they really do
Anyways, Happy Chinese Valentines people :
For those who are single
Females : Throw your best oranges
Males : Collect your lucky oranges

By all means, get married and have kids wth...

As for me, I visited SPCA today, and this is my 3rd time here.
Since I have shifted and staying near SPCA, thought I could drop by when my friend came for a visit at my place today.
So we drove there and we had a good time with the animals there.

Was sad to see some of the adult dogs are being left behind, being abandoned by their owners etc etc, one thing it is, if you don't have the commitment, and thinking you just want to have fun when they are still a puppy, please pay a visit at the pet shops whenever you feel like it, instead of buying one and leave them somewhere later.

Met this lady who is a voluntary, bathing a dog, she was telling us that how all this  poor dogs ended up here, and how friendly some of them can be, while talking to her, I can feel the passion in her. How many people are willing to spend their weekends in SPCA bathing the dogs? I say I'm an animal lover, but when I met her, she really did show me how far can an animal lover do.

She is not dead, she is just trying to make my friend to pat her more, maybe some massage.
Last but not least, I wanted to introduce Jack, my new neighbour since I have shifted here.

Jack looks like a fat and clumsy dog, but you are wrong, he is one brave dog who runs after wild boars in my garden, and he can run real fast.
Fat but ran damn fast - Malaysia Policeman (I saw one fat policeman ran damn fast after a school girl who was on drug okay? Don't play play ar)

Till then, another new week starting tomorrow, and my besties is back from Macau for a week, yahooo! 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sleeping Disorder

Not sure why but I haven't been sleeping like a baby for a long time...
I'll wake up with a mild chest and headache, the more I try to get back to sleep, the more painful it gets...

I don't remember when was the last time I slept throughout the night without waking up...

CNY is ending, and I definitely missed the holidays, especially when I was back in Gopeng, and I was at Cherating for a short while too. =)

I think the next time I go back to Gopeng, she will be able to walk already


And I definitely going to miss the beach, although the sea was rough and the resort was not recommended. 

Cheers everyone and Happy CNy since its not ending yet, hehe...

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Dream Like A Tiger

What if I tell you that you might get a chance to win RM8,888 worth of dreams? Besides that you will have RM1,888 of cash prize to add more to your wish list?

What you need to do, is to RUN for your Tiger dream!

If I am winning this much worth of dreams, I will have this number 1 dream to fulfill before anything else:

I will want to pamper my parents, where I hope I can give them at least a little gift to thank them for making me such a happy and healthy child.
For my parents

What more? Sponsor both of them to somewhere for a week holiday!

Besides pampering my parents, I would love to buy a Samsung LED for my new house!

Right now I have shifted to this new home, where the living hall is a bit spacious and it makes everything seems small, yes I have difficulty watching the small TV set sitting in the hall now, the gap between the sofa and the TV is just far that I have to put on my glasses and shrink my eyes to watch the programs...

Last but not least 
(No am just kidding, I don't have a 'last but not least' dream, if I were to list down all my dreams, I think I need more than RM1 mil to fulfill each and every dream, but no let's not get greedy 1st)

I will want a dog!
I want to buy a huge dog with huge paws, a teddy bear looking dog!

Be it a Chow Chow, St.Bernard, Labrador, Retriever or even a German Shepherd
i have this huge love for German Shepherd, especially when they are a puppy still, damn cute one can!

Awww look at his innocent face, that you can just cuddle him all day long...

When it's all grown up....

I will still love him!

So summarizing my wish list, it would be :
1. Pampering both my parents
2. Buying a Samsung LED
3. A HUGE dog

This Tiger run is sponsored by Tiger beer & Nuffnang

Start chasing your dreams before it's too late!

Monday, February 01, 2010

How is it like?

How is it like to have a boyfriend?
How is it like to hold hands and hug each other while doing simple window shopping?
How is it like when you felt like crying and there is a shoulder for you to rely on?
How is it like when you can openly talk about the sweetest things you both did with everyone?
How is it like to have him mention about you being the most precious without taking into considerations?

I think... I already forgotten how it feels like already...
Because I am... Just like this... I'll just have an imaginary him then, and hope he won't turn out to be a boogie man when I find someone real to be with...

Yes you may agree, I'm not being desperate but psychotic, this is the Jester.
Him- My imaginary boyfriend =)

The Night

This is a night...
That I want to remember...
Simply because I looked into the most beautiful night...
A sky full of stars and the moon shining brightly...

This will be best if only...
I'm laying down on the beach,
Feeling the night breeze,
Listening to the waves,
Holding hands,
Whispering that how beautiful tonight is...

Simplicity is romantic,
And I love things being simple and sweet. 

I wish to see the green light, the legendary light, with him...