Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello 2012

Last day of 2011, looking back and thinking to myself, what a year. 
Ups and downs, many falls, struggled in putting myself back in 1 piece over and over again... Felt like I was sitting on a Mary go round, many miserable rounds on a same place same spot, can't more forward and it just keep spinning round and round.

Didn't think much about how am I going to end my 2011, thinking that it will be just as bad, no expectations, but it turns out to be the most wonderful happenings I ever have.

Met a group of new crazy friends.
Holiday wasn't wasted.
Reunion with some of my oldest friends in life.
Been waking up smiling.
Clear blue sky.
I met you. =)

Believing 2012 its going to be a year, full of hopes and dreams. A fresh and great start!
The journey begins!

Happy new year people and have a fantastic celebration! 

Monday, December 12, 2011


Random pictures, those socks are cute, not mine :)

Christmas 2011

I never realized how time flies, or maybe i do,just that i didn't want to acknowledge that it was that quick...

This year wasn't really a fantastic year for me, miserable since 2009, hopefully next year will be a better year for me for you for everyone...

How long more i need to be in this situation, i guess i have no one to blame but myself, time to wake up from this nightmare already, it's been too long that i guess sleeping beauty have already woke up a few times from her prince charming's kisses... :)

Life is beautiful, isn't it? Yes it is, have no doubts about it, just by looking at the beautiful Christmas decorations everywhere, who cares if i am celebrating it alone, i don't mind just bringing my camera going down town and capture the decoration and the smiles on the happy faces... I think i'll just set that as my mission for this Christmas... Who is with me? :p

Merry Christmas people, lots of <3...