Monday, May 24, 2010

Why Smart Phones Can Be Dumb Phones

Why Smart Phones can be Dumb Phones?

Well I was on my way to a meeting this afternoon, took the monorail and phew lucky enough I found a seat...
Before I warm up the seat, I overheard a conversation from behind, 2 ladies were talking which mobile phone is better...
"Eh Sony bagus kan? Cantik lah model baru tu..."
"Ya kah? Tapi I suka Nokia lebih lah... Ingat nak beli iPhone tapi tak de duit, Blackberry bang sedang guna, dia kata bagus juga..."

Well well well... I was using a Sony phone until it gave up on me after 3 years, long enough for me to change to a better phone, I remembered I was in dilemma, was picking over another Sony and a Nokia phone, but ended up buying a Blackberry Bold...
Nope, no regrets on my decision, in fact I think it's a good pick, but the only thing missing was a data plan...

Yes I bought it but WITHOUT a data plan, it's just like having a super hot & good looking boyfriend but he can't perform in bed ahem, how sad?? VERY SAD...

Reason why? Because I was using the go green telco, and to subscribe for a data plan, it cost me a bomb, how to afford? So yes went on with a what you call a smart phone but it was dumb, just like any other normal phones, you can only make calls and do sms, and some other things where you won't need an internet.
No I don't understand when Nicholas Chay told me this " You cannot feel your Blackberry's power yet right? Coz you are not using it also... Once you feel the power, you will be addicted..."

Addicted? Nope I don't believe, how much can you do with a smart phone? Okay ya you can check mail and stuff, what else? Surf the net? How often? Not good enough from your laptop?
Until the evil force was here , I subscribed to DiGi plan for RM68!!!... That's it, my life changes since then...

I will just play with my phone when I am not doing anything else, I will surf youtube even when I am walking, or erm in the toilet, yes magazines in my bathroom is all collecting dust already... But what are you not using your smart phone to the max when it's only RM68 (Kiasu right? I know...)
With DiGi Smart Plan, it's just like having a small pond with a lot of fishes!

So I don't need a boyfriend anymore because I got my wonder BB with DiGi Smart Plan, just like have a super hot + good looking + caring + loving boyfriend + definitely good in bed, awesome shit!
Ok was just kidding about don't need a boyfriend, if I have him, I will make sure he is a smartphone user too, probably a BB, so we can has bbm, can jimat sms cost okay!

Are you planning to make your smartphone smarter with DiGi already? =)
Till then!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Neck

I think I slept on a wrong pillow with the wrong'est position, my neck and back is all aching that I can't look down, left and right smoothly! 

Monthly visit is here too (If you know what I meant), gaah I am one of those unlucky ones, when I am having it, I usually suffer the numb and aching for the 1st few days, haih...

Why women... Why? 

Dunno since when this was taken, and I can't recall who took this, but yea definitely fits in my moody mood today. 

Cheers people!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Thanks Mom

Thank you for taking care of this little brat eventhough there are times she let you down, and you still believe in her.

I love you and I'm glad that I have you as my mom in this life, if I can even pick who should be my mom for the next life, I wish to have you again. =)
I am not a princess, I don't live a princess life, but because of you, constantly making sure we all leave under a shelter that I felt like a palace in a small hut, that's how great you are... 
I don't need to worry about anything when I go to bed, because I know you will be there tomorrow to give me support when I need them...

I love you mom, and you know I really do, right?
Happy Mothers' Day!

Besides Papa Goon, brother and me, Ben loves you too!

Supermarket Flash Mob

Flash mobs are really interesting, but it fails when the ending everyone should have just disperse, but they didn't lol...

I guess the whole idea of flash mob is to catch the public in surprise, and leave them in doubt like "Wtf just happen?..."

I personally enjoyed the tribute to Michael Jackson -Beat it flash mob the most.
While searching trhough others, I actually found this...

Pretty interesting lol...