Thursday, May 15, 2008

China Earthquake

Don't we feel lucky, we escape from the deadly tsunami and the earthquake that strikes China? Is that not enough to tell us that we are so darn lucky? Imagine children buried under the piles of stones, those who witnessed their family members being carried out with clothes covering their bodies, what they can do is just kneel and cry? Here is a clip I found in youtube, despite the song for background,the pictures gave me a impact,which I was telling myself over and over again, I am so lucky, and also to all of you...
Pray for them, hope they will have a better tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My diamonds

As the saying goes, true friends are way more precious than diamonds, and of course, it is priceless!
Was browsing through old albums and friendster, took a walk down memory lane, and lately I have old buddies calling back, that's lucky I would say...
So here, just a small reminder to let me feel how lucky when I am with you guys, I am gonna list down all of you...

Century old buddies:
Carmen and Alison = My forever no bloodline sisters!
Mady and Esther = My secondary play mates and soul mates!
Han Seng = My all time hero since secondary,still my hero even until now!
Heffer Tan = Indeed a very special friend to me, an unforgettable one.
Kelvin Pang = I have to emphasize that I met not even 5 times with him, but the friendship stayed long that it never fade!
Yuet Weng = A super nice mate that I knew since I was 14, was my great guitar teacher.

Friends that felt like a century old:
Fairy Lai = Despite all the weird things, you are one mate that I will treasure...
Guinea pig = All the way from Indonesia, my forever best mate
Yok Yee = Knew her from DemoPower, she is my friend more than a colleague
Wenji = Someone that I learnt so much from, thank you for helping me always..
Galdon = You are indescribable, as the saying goes, you know I know lah~
Drew = A sweet friend that I met online, hey we shall hang out one day?
Kue = Spent only 2 years with you,but you were always there when I needed help & I am thankful.

I was not born in a wealthy family, I do not always have what I wanted, but at least, I have a bunch of friends here who supports my back when I fall, and that is you...


Sunday, May 04, 2008


Nothing much about the post, but just a warning...
I've been coughing, having bad throats that I lost my voice, fever and just whatever common sickness, u name it, I got it, it is super irritating to see people eating what you can't when you have to recover from your cough and sore throat...
God I even started been awake by my own stupid cough which I can't stop at all, can hardly sleep... It's been the weather, which is the main culprit, and me not drinking enough water, which will be the supporting culprit for all this sickness, so please all my kawan, if you do not want to go through what am I going through now, the worst is being unable to control the cough that constantly wake you up during night time, just try drowning yourself with water to avoid all these tragedy...

College is starting tomorrow, hope everyone have a good kick start for the last semester! ^_^