Sunday, February 27, 2011

Game Trailers

Was actually watching the trailer for Transformers, and accidentally stumble upon this cool game trailer, which I kind knew it quite sometime ago, but didn't really watch it.

I was watching this trailer - Dead Island. (I will definitely want to get my hands on this game)
One awesome game trailer, haven't watch something like this, despite having the zombies growling at the back scene, together with the theme song, seriously, it brings out all the emotions man.

The last scene was the killer, that makes you go all emotional... T_T
One word for this game trailer - Brilliant

After done watching the emo trailer, I watched Alice - Been hearing how dark this Alice in Wonderland is, and yea the trailers are very much based on various dark elements, not the Disney ones when I watched, everything was so candy colour and pretty.
The Disney version will make people wanna go wonderland
This version will makes you have goosebumps over wonderland, not really a wonderland.

Nevertheless, me being me, I love dark themes, the darker the better, so, I love the trailers, here you go :)

Did you enjoy it? Or is it only me? :P

Friday, February 18, 2011

18th February 2011

Yesterday was the last day of CNY, never really attended any of the chap goh meh activities, throwing oranges for me is such a waste, I guess I would very much set up a mini stall selling those oranges after people throwing them. =D

For me, I went to a place, nowhere near the sea, it was a view you can see the highways and buildings, when you close your eyes and listen, you hear cars cutting through the busy streets, a different kind of calmness you get when the breeze were blowing against your face.

I looked upon the sky, the moon was bright, only very few shining stars, and I saw this plane, makes me wonder passengers on board, where are you going?

Everyone is going to a same place, sitting on a same plane, but different purposes, some for travel, some for work, some for any other reasons.

Same as life, pretty sure everyone wants to be happy, we're living on a very same planet, but different things define happiness for different individuals.

What's your definition of happiness? =)

Good morning peeps, time for me to get ready for a 2 days conference up at a hill!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Quote

For you :)

The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it...
You and You along make me feel that I am alive...
Other men, it is said, have seen angels, but I have seen thee and thou art enough.

By George Moore

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy CNY

Ya I know, it's almost ending already but heck it's never too late!
This year is kinda quiet for me, not much of a visiting but impromptu visit to one of the highlands. 

I used to remember how ambitious I was in collecting ang paus, as if I set KPIs for it, but now, no more, but I do enjoy the time spent with my family, the older you grow, the more you will understand the importance and tend to appreciate it more, I am sure my brother felt the same too...

This year, let's make sure it's going to be awesome!
Happy CNY peeps.

The Goon Family

Not forgetting him too...

Friday, February 11, 2011

I Need to Exercise

When I was back in Ipoh during CNY, my cousins was asking why do I look different...
One of them said : Eh I think because you gained weight!


Ok need to exercise because I am a big time failure in dieting thank you.
Planning my weekly or maybe daily schedule already... Ok let's just stick to weekly =D

Wednesday, February 02, 2011


I met up with an old friend today, I met up with him because I saw his Facebook status that I only knew that his mom passed away 2 weeks ago, yes without me knowing if I did not pay attention to the status...

He was okay, I hope... When he was sharing how his mom suffered from the sickness, I saw the corner of his eyes, it was wet... He said without his mom now, his life seems to very different...

While he was talking to me, I saw there was this couple with their new born baby, mom was feeding the baby with milk, and dad was looking at their precious happily...

When one is gone, one is born... Life is that simple, is that pretty, is just a circle...

Now look back at your life circle, what you have achieve, and where are you now? If everything is on your track, you should be smiling when you think of it... =)

Happy Chinese New Year people, and Happy Holidays...
You all out there, deserve to take a break, and just smile, smile from the heart.

Thank You

Thank you for the turtle wax...
I wasn't really focusing that night... T.T

Yes, I scratched my car, brand new...