Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do You Invest?

I’m only in my mid 20s and I have debts to pay off, nope I don’t have a credit card yet, nope I don’t own a car yet but soon (Yes that will add in to my ‘To Pay Off Debt Before I Die’ list).
So with my current salary, like any other people, we will have to separate more than half of the amount to pay off debts, and only some to survive for a month, while you might not even have anything to save for future, horrible goodness… >.<
So we need… Side income? Definitely investment is the thing you should be looking at it now, learning since young is beneficial and trust me, you will know why.
So how do I invest? I know nuts about investing, that’s why now you see all sorts of business out there are open to tackle the needs of dummies like me, we have agents to help us invest and best it’s all online now - www.fundsupermart.com.my

Fundsupermart is a unit trust specialist, and usually we have the impression that investment is expensive, we have to hold a certain amount of money before we start to invest, but Fundsupermart offers to have investors to begin investing regularly every month with just RM10.00 ONLY!
Start investing already! You won't want to grow old with a grumpy face just because your pockets are empty... >.<

Monday, June 28, 2010

It's been a while

It's been a while since I cook...
I mean real cooking... Hello I can cook, its the matter of it is tasty or not...

I shall do it next weekend, this weekend schedule is filled and I'm excited yay!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Love Story

Been long since I spent my whole Sunday at home, watched 2 movies in a row, bad choice for my eyes...
I watched The Notebook & The Time Traveler's Wife, both are just sad but beautiful love stories...

What is it like to just love 1 person for the rest of your life? I don't know about the guys but I guess girls are pretty much into loving only you kind of theory in their life, yes I am one of them...

I had few love stories before but non of them lasted, and occasionally it makes me think if I am going to have few more stories in my life? That would be a bad news because I am not 18 anymore...

After these 2 movies today, I am starting to think how my story would be, like The Notebook, how would my story be in my notebook? Would it be as touching and lovey like I always wanted? Or just another ordinary story, I don't know but I think I should start writing down everything in a notebook, so he could read it for me when I am losing my memory. =)

I am a sucker for beautiful love stories... Someone save me...


我都会很珍惜那一下下的时候, 好好的欣赏黄昏的时刻



Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Positive & Negative

Do you think that humans are more prone to have negative thoughts?
I have a situation here :

Pal A is facing pressure from his work place, and he is giving himself pressure to achieve the innitial target, but the picture don't seems to be a happy ones,what expecting is not coming,what is not expected is affecting the initial target.
Negative thoughts:
Pressured plant the effect on pal A, gave up and continue doing nothing,hoping for miracle to fall
Positive thoughts :
Healthy pressure, in fact giving self pressure not to give up, don't sit and wait, find solutions and do his best

Negative is always easier to 'achieve', just like running down a slope,or walking down on a escalator,not even talking about stairs.
Positive is always the hard ones, you need to be strong to sustain the positive thoughts, like walking up batu caves stairs.

So which one are you? Negative or positive?
I'm definetely with the positive site,because that's what make life more challenging, and yes fun.