Sunday, September 23, 2007

Girls and Guys!

Hey! Mmm lately im trying hard to find nice movies, I had some already, but I am scratching my head to get more nice movies, categories would be romance and humour hahaha, so please please drop me a comment about which movie is nice to get? any language will do, but within the range of English, Mandarin or even Cantonese, I don't mind Korean movies too hahaha! Pls don't comment me on Bollywood movies, you girls know why...
Anyhow, presentation for seminar is superd near, it's just a blink of an eye, gosh gotta prepare it already, before that, good luck girls on the presentation and million thanks to Drew for the information you gave me ^^

Thursday, September 20, 2007

What is on their mind?!

Nurin, an 8 year old girl was found missing on 20th August, being raped and murdered brutally...

Now what is wrong with all these people now, what's going on in their stupid minds?!! Are these human beings or beast?! Don't they have bloody feelings for the victims? Don't they have nightmares every night after they committed such act? I believe even animals kill for a reason, meat eater kill for the sake of hunger... How many people around us are slowly evolving into some kind of beast?!

The old people always say," What is happening to the world now? Every page of the newspapers reporting tragedies instead of news that can lightened up a day..." So here, when is the last time you read the headlines and actually smiled? Some said all these tragedies were happening all the time, maybe in the good old days, news just did not cover so much of these stories like now... I don't think so...

Tsunami, earth quakes, mother nature disasters are wiping out numbers of live, is this a symptom of clearance?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Reality or Dreams?

Since young, for me, were asked to fill in the ambition blanks, I remembered filling in teacher, doctor and singer...
Slowly moving into the teenage world, the above ambitions seems to be getting far away from me, so as for my interest, I told myself I would stick to the doctor...
After form 5, the doctor's ambition vanished after all the years, and it confused me that was my ambition a reality or just a dream which you could only dream on?
At the age of early 20s, surprisingly a lot of occupation seems to be so unreachable where you could only dream on things, what happen to those ambitions which I filled in when I was just a kid? Kids often think that everything is possible, some might even filled in the blanks like, "I want to be a superhero..." which us, adults would laugh at them and tell them is impossible. While for adults, everything seems to be impossible, if you tell someone that," Hey I want to be a spaceman walking on the surface of the moon...", definitely you would have exchange those words with stares from your friends or even family, "What the hell? Spaceman? Why not you stop dreaming and get your feet back into reality!"
So, there you go, being a spaceman, a billionaire, a president of a country is all just illusion and dreams? So Bill Gates, George Bush, Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space were all not humans? Coz if we want to be them ,we can only dream about it and not having it stated down in the list.

There is these few words and phrases which push me from moving forward to the so call impossibles: There is a Will, There is a Way. If others can do it, why not you?

Be brave to chase your dreams and make it come true,there is a possibility. ^^

Thursday, September 13, 2007


Mom went medical check up yesterday, result was that she has high blood pressure which she will have to take medicine to control it, mom let's go for exercise ok?

Ok tomorrow will be the day for it, hate it so much that I have to revise every damn thing again, but I guess I really deserved this.. So here I would like to wish all my fellow mates who's going for the second battle, GOOD LUCK!!

Read one old copy of reader digest, but still the information is never old :)
I would really like to share this with you all.

Preparing my son for his first day of kindergarden, we were reviewing numbers and counting. Suddenly he asked," What is the biggest number in the world?"
As briefly as possible, I tried to explain to him the concept of infinity, I thought I had done pretty well, but then he said," Dad, then what number comes just before infinity?"
-Shawn Foster,December 2001

Something to ponder over... ^^

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Love Story

Watched a Korean drama, finished 20+ chapters in 2 days, coz it is really addictive... I usually do not fancy all this drama as I am afraid to cry because of all this soap opera, but well, someone introduced me the drama, and I watch...
Was touching, it really touches ur heart that made ur tears drop...
Watching this drama made me think alot, that's why he is always afraid that I watch sad love stories, because after every love stories I watched, I will tend to ask alot of questions which he cannot answer, like " How if I have few days left in this world, what would you do?" He will always refused to answer and say " Pls do not say all this things? We are now healthy and nothing will happen?"
Well baby, life is where people get together, but at the end, it is always the split... I remembered when there were only few days ahead before my PMR arrived, my grandfather passed away,he was buried next to my grandmother's tombstone, when I saw my grandmother's tombstone, it was already grown with alga... Knew how long my grandfather waited to be re-unite with my his wife? It was a total of 15 years...
Dear, whenever I think of this, I don't know why I just got a painful feeling that makes me wanna cry and do nothing...
I will always miss you, no matter when or where...