Saturday, December 29, 2012

Bermuda Triangle

You know how much I love reading up to these wonders of the world, topics like these really excites me: Bermuda Triangle, Wonders of the world, pyramids, strange findings etc... Saw one beautiful picture today and I thought it was beautiful, it is a picture where they show those huge ass ships around the Bermuda Triangle.

Monday, December 03, 2012

It's Okay

Thought of a friend while driving to work this morning.
He once told me " Hey you, it's okay to be not okay..."

Felt better, thank you.

Monday, October 08, 2012

City Dreams

I am a girl staying in the city, where people claims that it is a place where it make your dreams come true …
I love tall buildings, the beautiful lights in the towers …
Sometimes the streets with all the little unique stalls set up at both sides of the road, it is pretty amazing …
The status, the power, the greed, the money, the achievement, and what some people called it – This is life …
The city that never sleeps, it just keep going and going and going …


The older I get, the more I want to move away from the city…
The more I want to cover my ears from the city noise …
The nearer I want to stay next to a strawberry farm and breath in the fresh air …
The more I want to do little own cooking …
The more I would enjoy just sitting on a bench and sipping the coffee, to let the coffee aroma tickle my taste bud senses …

...I dream to do random things in life...

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Almost The End

2 more months and again another year is gone...
Remember telling myself this year  is going to be a good year, well despite the little hiccups in life, it is still a good year after all...

And... According to the Mayans, this year is also the last year for earth, how true is that? I remember few days before when I was having lunch with my colleagues, we were discussing if the world ever ends, how will it be? 

Oh by the way, there was this sun halo today, so pretty and I found this picture, poppy flowers are so cute and tiny, never imagine such innocent pretty little thing can be such danger if its not properly handled.

#Random thoughts - Will want to lay down on a poppy garden one day.

Monday, October 01, 2012


Sometimes I wonder how we define life.
What is your purpose breathing the air until finally one day HE pulls the plug?
What is more important and what’s not?

Irony is that why the not so important part of our life often occupy a larger percentage compare to what we see it as important?

Or is the not so important ones are the key to make us have more space in life for the important ones, but then it takes time? Then how long more we would know when to stop and tell ourselves that we will focus a lot more on the important things in life.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Found this story while browsing through some articles, and I thought it is worth sharing :

A son and his father were walking in the mountains. Suddenly, his son falls, hurts himself and screams: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
To his surprise, he hears the voice, somewhere in the mountain: “AAAhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”
Curious, he yells: “Who are you?” He receives the answer: “Who are you?”
Angered at the response, he screams: “Coward!” He receives the answer: “Coward!”
He looks at his father and asks: “What's going on?” The father smiles and says: “My son, pay attention.” And then he screams at the mountain: “I admire you!” The voice answers: “I admire you!”
Again the man screams: “You are a champion!” the voice answers, “You are a champion!”
The boy is surprised, but does not understand. Then the father explains: 

“People call this an ‘echo’, but really this is ‘Life’.
It gives you back everything you say (or do).
Our life is simply a reflection of our actions.
If you want more love in the world, create more love in your heart.
If you want more competence in your team, improve your competence. This relationship applies to everything, in all aspects of life. Life will give you back everything you have given to it.”

Your life is not a coincidence; it's a reflection of you.


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sometimes when I look up to the sky, Those fluffy clouds, I feel like taking a giant scoop and scoop the clouds into a giant ice cream cone, I wonder what it taste like. Yes one of my weird diabetic dreams.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Break

Its been more than a week since my last day... It feels weird somehow, weird to stop doing something so routine for the past 3 years... And I know how my mind works, and he too, he said if I stop doing anything and started to think within my own zone, I probably get lost in my own world and wouldn't know how to come back to reality,often enough when I started to quiet down, that's what scares or worries him... 'Baby what are you thinking? You okay? Come back!' Always the same answer 'I am just dreaming...' I love seeing him smile, making him laugh knowing that will help a lot for the both of us, so we went to Kuantan, the place where he has been travelling to most often. I couldn't be more happy being there, first is for him, second is because it is so near the sea, and I said once that the beach here is alive, mainly fill with little sea creatures. We went on a little exploring adventure too, sometimes to travel without a map is quite an exploration, we found little hidden corners which surprises us, one of them is this little unique cafe we passed by along the street.
So pretty we both couldn't stop telling each other we must come back and visit this little cafe again. The uniqueness of this place is mainly the really old and torn painting on their walls, together with their oldest furniture and decoration, it really do put up a very pretty ambience. And never fail, we went to the beach for a night walk, not crowded and it is good enough to free your mind, or it works the other way round, thoughts fill up my mind...
Simple life, nothing luxury, just holding hands walking down the beach, the feeling is comforting.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Is Pinterest the new trend? Oh I must say I am pretty addicted to it now, anything which is visually based attracts me, maybe I am lazy like that, maybe the majority of people are lazy like that. =P

 Found an infographic (another visual process explaining method I really love) talking about pinterest, maybe you would want to read about it, and if you are on pinterest, you can follow me on Jestgsm (Finally I changed it to align to both my Instagram and Twitter.

Source :

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey 2012

I remember when 2011 was ending, I told myself that no matter what, I am going to make sure that 2012 is going to be wonderful.

Indeed, I would say that, this year is a remarkable year for me, because there were so many new experiences in my life.

1. For the first time, I get to travel to Taiwan, a place where I was hoping to step foot in for the longest time with a mad traveller, whom I never thought he will become someone so important to me.

Silly you, thanks for always being there for me. =)

2. For the first time, I finally bought a cheong sum and wore it on CNY.

3. For the first time, I wrote a wish on the lantern and let it go, together with my bestie.

4. For the first time, I bought a RM500.00 long black dress for an occasion, which until today I didn't regret buying it.

5. For the first time, the POTP travelled out together and hell yea we had lotsa fun, people whom I will miss, very very much!

Also for the first time, I had so much impact in my life for the first 5 months for this year, so much that I felt that it has been a year. Things are going to change further after the month of June, a new path which I am somewhat worried yet excited, a new journey, and I never thought this would happen. 

I am writing this post because I realized that I am much forgetful these days, and I don't know how many meaningful moments I don't get to write it down somewhere, and last time whenever I have any interesting thoughts, I don't write them down and worst is I tend to forget.. Now, to prevent myself from not forgeting any awesome thoughts or moment, I actually developed a habit to write everything down, to constantly remind myself about things which happened and yet to happen.

Maybe, I just know that life isn't that long after all... And I choose to remember everything, as much as I can.

Monday, April 16, 2012

I Know

I know what you did there...
You are reading my blog and I know who you are...

You know you know... =D

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Won't Give Up

I attended few concerts before, to be frank, I am not a concert person, not a crowd person, so when it comes to attending concert with a crowd, I am extremely picky, so far I only attended few, guess it could be the age factor, artist whom I love seeing them singing live, probably not those when you sweat and rock with the crowd. =)

Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, and David Foster...

Knowing that Jason Mraz got this new song playing on radio stations, love it to bits.
I always love good voice + beautifully written lyrics.

This is for you, for me, for him, for us, don't give up, failure happens only when you give up.

Not giving on us =)