Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Year Resolution

The last day of 2009, time flies and I think it's quicker then a blink of an eye now...
Welcoming 2010, hope it will be a better year for you for me for everyone!

My new year resolution :
  1. MUST maintain my health, as I think i was falling sick pretty easy this year, especially during the month of December.
  2. MUST exercise, ok haven't been exercising for the longest time that I think it's the cause of falling sick easily.
  3. Spend more time with my family (Parents been nagging and complaining)
  4. Hope to visit 2 different countries, I wish to visit Taiwan though
Till then, I was thinking to change the usual Jester image, either be more feminine or stylish (Both are not really my style...)

Been trying to cut my hair like this

I think this hairstyle is pretty cool if your facial feature can carry the style, afraid if I cut my hair like this, no guys will approach me, probably think I am a lesbian since I already starting to drool for Fergie from BEP (FML)

Well how about this, one of the reason I am keeping my hair length is to see if I can do something like theirs


Both are more lady like and feminine, I think if I am going with this style I should look more lady like instead, and I guess it helps to tone down the boyish side of me...
But long hair is pretty heavy and a bit difficult to maintain, if you see my hair now, you probably felt like taking a pair of scissors and cut my hair like some grass...
Hmm tough tough decision to make...

Any suggestions???

Plan B : If anything goes wrong within these 2 hairstyles, I will definitely be darn fed up and probably just FMH(F**k my hair) like this

That would be the last plan I will ever want to go with...

I guess I am just fated to be like Tyra Banks

I don't want! I don't wanna be the 2nd nuffy in the office.... Opps I shall stop...

Happy New Year to all!!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Need to Feel

Ok I need to feel like a bull mentally, from today onwards till the weekend!
I think the nuffies will see the muscular Jester next week after new year, the result of intensive house moving raawwwrrr!

I think I already have the bull face

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Mix Feelings

Was doing some packings today...
The more I clear my room and move my stuff into the boxes,my room becomes empty...
The excitement of moving in a new house is indescribable.
At the same time,moving out from a place that I have stayed for almost half of my life,is just sad...

This little place I call home, where I can just walk around with my eyes close,been a library of memories...
Definitely, I'm missing my little hut already,just hope the next owner will take good care of it...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Dear all,
Have yourself a wonderful Christmas, and I hope Santa Clause already deliver the presents you wished for, but only if you are being a good child. =)

Not forgetting the Christmas trees that dressed up the streets...
Santa I wish I will have a white Christmas next year
I promised I will be a good girl!

The trinket is actually made of flour, pretty isn't it?

All the handmade trinkets, reminds me of a childhood story : The kids and the candy house

I miss Christmas and I wish everyday is a Christmas day. =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

How's Like Having Your Own Private Party?

Craving some beer to ease your thirst??

Remember years back when I wanted to catch some movies in cinema, this advertisement really hit me hard, mainly is because I love that song, and the whole ad just got the ability to leave a smile on your face.

Now Carlsberg is going to put a bigger smile on your face this Christmas festive =)
You will stand a chance to win your own private party with the hot FHM Girls Next Door sponsored by Carlsberg and you will be partying at the exclusive Carlsberg Lounge...

Opps guys don’t drool over your keyboard please.....

Besides showing you the hot babes, let Jester tell you how you can win by doing some really cute stuff!

Taaaadaaaaaa! Look at this! The trinket for Jester...
Wahahaha here’s more....

*Don’t know why, felt that the 2nd from left trinket fits in the best for this particular trinket design* ~Giggles~

Yes the bigger and taller your X’mas tree is, the higher the chance of having your own private party!

When I was trying out this application, the girls were like “Owwhhh so cute one!! I want also I want!!”
Well... Times are tough now, Christmas tree + trinkets probably going to cost you a bomb. The fact of having a real Christmas tree and having a Christmas tree on Facebook is just different.

Christmas tree at home:
-Costly but nice
-Only people who will be visiting your house will see it

Christmas tree on Facebook:
-FREE and NICE! (Malaysians suka free stuff punya)
-Whoever that you tag will be able to see the deco on the tree, best thing is they are the trinkets themselves, so why not?

Now here are some of the ABC steps to put your friends on your own Christmas tree!
  1. Join as a fan!
  2. Then start decorating your tree at
Once you have added the application, you will come to this page...

Only  4 simple steps to decorate your X’mas tree

Step 1: Choose a friend

Step 2: Choose your friend’s trinket design. (I’m still finding the face for my Santa Clause trinket)

Step 3: Adjust your friend’s face accordingly to fit in into the picture, can scale and rotate

Step 4: Drag your trinket to the tree and click “Confirm”

Woohoo and you are done putting your friends all over your tree, every time you add in an amount of trinkets, your tree grows higher. Now mine is like 9ft tall already!!!

Let see if I can beat KLCC Twin Tower *stare*
Till then, I shall continue decorating my tree wahahaha!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Medical Check Up

I guessed it was by far the most MC I took within a month...
My gastric was back, and it gotten worse, worried enough, mom suggested that I should go seek a doctor for a medical check up, just to make sure my body system is still as strong...

Haih I am a sucker for needles lah, I guess to be optismictic, I won't end up being a drug addict then... Not to mention, this is the second injection I had during the year of 2009, 1st one was injected on my butt, and now this is to get my blood sample...

THe doctor was a Malay lady, should be at her 40s, wearing thick glasses with a smile telling me " No no don't worry, it's not painful, just feels like an ant biting you that's all..."

*In my mind - Er I was bitten by red ants before and it HURTS lah!*

While the doctor was holding my left hand, looking for my vains to get my blood sample, I'm trying hard to thinnk of something else....... No it wasn't working! I can feel the needle poked through my skin!

*1st attempt FAIL

"Aiyah so hard to see your vain one? Cannot get the blood... Come I try again..."

*FTS, it wasn't a once and for all thing
*2nd attempt.... FAIL TOO!!

"Aiyah difficult lah this hand, maybe I try on your right arm okay? "

T_____________T  *When is this going to end....*

Left hand felt a bit numb, because I was too nervous that my palms were damn wet, now right hand somemore... That's it, I will end up like someone without arms...

Finally the doctor found my freaking vain and gotten my blood sample...
But that's not the end, doctor and I noticed my blood is a bit too thick (Might be a result of having high cholesterol...)

How? I will have heart attack at the age of early 20s kah?!
Let's just hope my health report will pass with flying colours next week... >.<

"Aiyor you must learn how to relax darling, it's not healthy if you are stress all the time..."

Ok relax... Too short holiday to go to the beach, so I went for window shopping and bought myself some stuff, stuff that I know I don't need but I still buy, because it's just cute! *Girls are like that, no denial on that... We are suckers for cute stuff...*

Guess what? This is actually to clean the dust on your computer screen, figure it out then it can be an arm rest too... *Hearts*

Some monkey looking little purse, thought it would be useful when I carry out sometimes, instead of holding my big purse...

And a cosmetic pouch! My love for gingerbread man!!! This pouch was a love at 1st sight thingy, and the best thing is... The zip there is this small little gingerbread man! *hearts the most*

Oklah, I am shifting real soon to my new place already, I know instead of buying all these, I should be buying something really useful, will be going for furniture shopping next week, thinking of how to decorate my room just makes me excited, weehee! Maybe I should buy a gingerbrad man bed frame! Well only if I finds one...

Cheers people!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Suprised Cat

Honestly I am not a cat person, more of a dog lover,
But the moment I watched this clip, awwwwwww it melted my heart.
It's too cute and adorable!