Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Uncivilized people

Was on my way to the office this morning, the weather was pretty good, all warm and shiny. Not until I witnessed this incident…

Happened to stop at a traffic light on a bridge, saw this Indian man, assuming him aging from 30- 40 years old, riding on a motorcycle, he stopped at the bridge, took off his helmet, at the same moment, took out a yellow dirty plastic bag, look right look left, followed with that stupid “Ops it wasn’t on purpose punya attitude”, happily letting go the grip of his fat hands of the plastic bag, and there and then, into the river, gotten on his blardy motorcycle, and ride off.

The moment I saw this, oh my god if ever you touch my head, it was boiling, I was seriously damn furious! How old are you man, old enough to think and old enough to understand littering like that is such a disgrace to yourself and also polluting the river lah!
This is lah Malaysian, apa pun boleh, littering also boleh!

I actually realized this happens in Malaysia, if you ever see there is a signboard with “Jangan Membuang Sampah Di Sini, Denda RM500”, there goes the spot lah, will be filled up with pile of rubbish, what the? Now people don’t understand or what? What is wrong with our education system now? Maybe someone shud try put the signage in the rubbish bin so people will throw in? Will it work that way?

Educators like parents, some are really siao loh, I’ve seen father lowering down the window to allow the children to throw rubbish out, WHAT?!

People are not being dumb for failing to understand what pollution is, it’s just plain selfishness and so call being convenient to them. If the earth dies, you suffer too, and because of all your stupid selfishness, we tend to suffer together with you.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Left 4 Dead

It’s been raining since morning, and well no joke, the rain was pouring, heavy enough to blur the sight of the road, and the saddest is, everyone is already on the road for work in such a fine weather. Well in my dictionary, fine weather means rainy and cozy weathers, not the sunny kind one, yes I know, I should be a vampire.

Latest addiction – Left 4 Dead.
Why is it when I say I do play L4D, especially the guys, and also the same response  Wah lau you play L4D one ar!!?? Unexpected loh!!
Adding in I also told them I go cyber cafĂ© for the game, another response  Wah so did all the guys were shock to see girls like you playing this kind of games?!

Hello… What do you mean by girls like me? So what should ‘girls like me’ do would be best fit in the picture? Bakery? Cooking? Shopping? Make up? Pedicure? Or maybe even Barbie? No offence, I love doing the things above, and do exclude the Barbie thingy, but somehow, I also love doing the boy stuff, and I’m not alone, I got a girl partner for that too ok, our L4D team is like equal, 2 guys 2 girls, fun!

So here are some of the screens for the games, so you can get a better feel on it.

I enjoy playing with my usual mates, main thing is, we do not practice serious gaming, so everytime we'll laugh our ass out while playing, I have to admit I'm being so noob in the game that, I am the one that everyone will pay extra attention on, I'm either walking too near the zombies as I am trying to make friends with them, or might even try playing unsucccessful hide and seek with the tank that I gave up and try riding on it, or falling off stairs and even shooting own team mates that i thought it was zombie, accidently throwing flames that causes fire, and most of all, I will pick up guns and health pack when team mates die, LOL!

Dear team mates, I know I am forgiven for all these silly things, and I love you guys hahaha! XOXOXO

Whoever haven't try the game, if you do not in tend to get addicted to something, warning --> Do not try! You will definitely have the addiction for it!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Getting old...

Thank you for all the pressies and wishes from all of you, once again, you guys rock! I'm glad I always have you all here with me...

I remembered when I was young, I have to admit I gets very excited over my birthdays, because at the end of the day, I would calculate how many presents I got, and I would open up all in one shot like a ceremony, that is why, I love birthdays! My wish is always hoping everyone will shower me loads of goodies during the day...

There was also a stage, where I started to rush the time to come faster so I can get out of schooling life, telling myself it's so boring studying all the text books and those gov exams... Every birthday, I would tell myself, ok it's gonna be quick enough to leave this study life and go yahoooo!!!

But then as time goes by, I do not celebrate birthdays anymore, I do not wait for the day to come and count my presents anymore, i do not make the wish in volume but quality ones, wishes that only I myself can achieve. The different stages of life, which stage am I stepping in already?
I wanna be sharp and I won't allowed myself to get lost in the path anymore, and I know I am not taking an easy and straight path, the path i am taking, if I achieve, I would achieve it great, that's for now my biggest wish.
I've been already blessed by Him for giving me great gift that I once never realized, I don't need more than them.

Imma being tagged

*Tagged by Guinea Pig :)
The rules and regulations:
1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.
2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.
4. No tags back!!

1. I am into horror and gruesome movies, if you are saying fanatic, I'm one.
2. I am a thinker.
3. I can be on the extremes, either extremely crazy or quiet.
4. I would love to be an eagle, dog or a bear.
5. I love breathing in the smell of fresh cut grass.
6. I am still a milk drinker, no coffee and tea yet.
7. I can laugh out without a reason, at the same time, I can cry without a reason too.
8. I am an explorer and hope to be a traveler.
9. I treasure life experience, never try never know.
10. I love creativity.
11. I can be very abstract, well most of the time.
12. I like taking care of others.
13. I still love junk food and chocolates like a 5 year old.
14. I love huge animals, coz I love holding big paws.
15. I am someone who love hugs.

Added in the 16 would be --> I treasured and appreciate that one who tagged me in, love you girl...

You are being tagged!! ---> Mady, Drew, Reagen Chong, Yee Hou!!!