Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Is Pinterest the new trend? Oh I must say I am pretty addicted to it now, anything which is visually based attracts me, maybe I am lazy like that, maybe the majority of people are lazy like that. =P

 Found an infographic (another visual process explaining method I really love) talking about pinterest, maybe you would want to read about it, and if you are on pinterest, you can follow me on Jestgsm (Finally I changed it to align to both my Instagram and Twitter.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Hey 2012

I remember when 2011 was ending, I told myself that no matter what, I am going to make sure that 2012 is going to be wonderful.

Indeed, I would say that, this year is a remarkable year for me, because there were so many new experiences in my life.

1. For the first time, I get to travel to Taiwan, a place where I was hoping to step foot in for the longest time with a mad traveller, whom I never thought he will become someone so important to me.

Silly you, thanks for always being there for me. =)

2. For the first time, I finally bought a cheong sum and wore it on CNY.

3. For the first time, I wrote a wish on the lantern and let it go, together with my bestie.

4. For the first time, I bought a RM500.00 long black dress for an occasion, which until today I didn't regret buying it.

5. For the first time, the POTP travelled out together and hell yea we had lotsa fun, people whom I will miss, very very much!

Also for the first time, I had so much impact in my life for the first 5 months for this year, so much that I felt that it has been a year. Things are going to change further after the month of June, a new path which I am somewhat worried yet excited, a new journey, and I never thought this would happen. 

I am writing this post because I realized that I am much forgetful these days, and I don't know how many meaningful moments I don't get to write it down somewhere, and last time whenever I have any interesting thoughts, I don't write them down and worst is I tend to forget.. Now, to prevent myself from not forgeting any awesome thoughts or moment, I actually developed a habit to write everything down, to constantly remind myself about things which happened and yet to happen.

Maybe, I just know that life isn't that long after all... And I choose to remember everything, as much as I can.