Saturday, July 07, 2007


Ok I have to admit that I was so damn lazy that I don't even have the time to switch on my computer for these few days (Well sounded that I am busy rather than being lazy.. >.<)

But well, no matter what! Today it's a very special day, guess it might be only special to me, hey it only happens once every 1000 years! It's 7.7.07!! Muahuhuah!!

Alright went and watched Transformers that day, was awesome!! Goosebumps all time, ok I usually don't get goosebumps easily, it's either that thing is damn freaking good or it's too yukes!

Check out these pictures which I took it while I was at The Curve where all these sexy cars were parking right out there for exbition, it was the first preview for TRANSFORMERS!! There you go..

I love this Fair Lady!!!! >.<

Transformers!!! would it be nice for my lil Kelisa? Hahah!!!

I wanna bring her home!!!

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