Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Grumpy day~

In the office right now, well been working here for 3 days counting in today, 1st day was kinda awkward, but it’s always been like that for new comers in a new company, but yesterday and today is kinda good, enjoy doing the task given. The only thing I don’t enjoy is waking up like 6am+ in the morning, so damn sien can!! So forceful in waking up so darn early lah, dragging myself off the bed and clean up, what motivates me is that, I knew someone who is also waking up at these hour, oh well you know who you are people!

Ok I’m kinda dozing off here, the water I almost drank it all, refill the bottle like 3 to 4 times in a day, camel can?! I think they need to put one private one for me, right next to me!

I need work to do, the task comes in one by one, so when I finish it up ,I’m like, omg what can I do now, there are a lot of nice magazines here, felt like grabbing it and read but it doesn’t seem nice.

There is this creative department here, people there are friendlier I can say, so anyone of you designers or those who are wanting to work in here, can always try to apply.

Someone please try to bang me with a train can?! I’m so sleepy! I will never get used to not being sleepy by waking so darn early, even during primary and secondary, I always try to be awake, it’s so darn hard! Why lah can’t the office hours in Malaysia starts from 10pm?! Better still right? Maybe I should suggest it to…

Ah ok off I go :D

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m.a.D.y said...'re totally infected by my can-can addiction can?!!!

babe we need to go shopping sometime -.-