Sunday, January 31, 2010

No Concept

OMG I found something that I won't stop looking at it!!!!

Well let's say I am not exactly a shopaholic, no not because I don't like, it's money concern!
Most of all, I'm definitely not a shoe freak!

But but but...
There was this sinful afternoon where I was browsing some pages, I found something really irresistible!
No not the usual footwear...
This is just too simple!
Nope not the unique heels you ever seen on streets

This Rose thingy can't beat what I saw

Nope not even HIM can take my breath away

Because what I found is definitely handmade and unique



I shall have them ALL!


Anonymous said...
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taufulou said...

heee, i have seen this similiar shoes b4..not that very exp..its one of the shop in bangsar village~

Jester said...

Taufulou! Really?! Ok am going to march there and rob the outlet!

Penton said...

go get them jester! :)