Sunday, December 19, 2010

Company Trip

It's been a week since I was back from the cruise, and I still miss every moment when I was with the Nuffies.
You know sometimes places you go, it very much depending on the the attraction and experience that a place can provide, and another important fact is that, the people who you are going with, and the Nuffies are just simply awesome. =)

Let me quickly summarize some of the happenings during the trip:
We were late ad we almost missed our ship, yes almost miss the ship, not a bus wtf, the captain was asking why were we late and saying that we only have 2 minutes to get everything registered because the registration counter was closed like 15 minutes ago! *press the panic button*
A bit blur because we are so late and while entering the ship, some of the nuffies are still lining up...
But well, I can't imagine if we will all be left at the port there fml, finally everyone got up the ship and there everything happens here!
Michelle and me, camwhoring on the ship
Some of the female Nuffies (Like beauty pageant wtf)

The lazy judges

We played an ice breaking game - 2 truths and 1 lie
My 3 sentences was :
1. I was in a basketball team during secondary school
2. I kissed a girl
3. I hate horror movies

Now you guys, lets see if you know which one is a LIE. =D

You know what, out of so many days, the first day was the only day it wasn't raining in the evening, and we get to see the sun set, so beautiful that I wanna cry (Ok just kidding on the crying part but it was really pretty)

At this moment, my mind was just blank while I look into this beautiful view, the earth is just amazing, and breath taking...
There is a rainbow behind us!
The wind was just so strong that you can actually feel it blowing on your face, something when you do skydiving, but of course the impact is lesser.
So I decided maybe the girls should do something like this, and here are some of my favourite shots.

Let your hair down, and feel the freedom
After the hair blowing scene, we went for dinner, and it's what you call fine dinning.


Food was good and everything was really nice, which you will forget you are on a ship, it feels more like a mall not until you walk to the outside and feel the sea breeze again.
Look like a mall right?
Till then, I shall continue my next post where the ship stops at Phuket!
Anyone of you haven't been on a cruise, please you have to go, and stop thinking about what happen to Poseidon and Titanic!



Tekkaus said...

Wow...I wanna join too...

joshuaongys said...

ok no poseidon and titanic but but... but got SEA MONSTERRR!!

sugarmouse said...

how strange... the whole interior of the ship looks EXACTLY like superstar virgo but you guys were on the royal caribbean yeah?

looks like a whole lotta fun!

ps - just outta curiosity, what camera d'you use?

KY said...

it's so funnnnn

Jester said...

Lol Tekkaus, time to bring your wife for a honeymoon !

Joshuaong : What lah you!!! =D

Ky : Bring Haze, good experience really

Sugarmouse : Olympus P2 dear. =)