Monday, June 20, 2011

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger,

If you happen to find my heart, 
Can you help me to keep it in a safe box,
Safe from others who wants to hurt it badly,

Because if I ever have it back,
I might hand it over to the same person,
Whom I know, he will hurt it over and over again.

I rather not have it back.

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Anonymous said...

hi Jestina,

goodday! hope you are well. I am one of your blog's readers, and have been following your blog for quite sometimes, maybe for one year? hehe.

anyway, just want to give u some encouragements, if required. by reading ur blog posts, it appears to me that u mayb quite sad / emotional lately. u may find me "ke po" (i.e. busybody); but, i have been following ur blog for like one year, and it's not a good feeling to see a people, whose posting is one i think worth-reading, suffering.

i was very sad 2 years ago after ending a six-year-relationship. it's not easy to visibly see ur heart been broken into pieces. i was extremely emo and can't move on with my normal life. it's not until i read some motivational article that i slowly pull myself out from having all the negative thoughts. in short, i just want to share with you that: one should pull himself/herself out from an emotional stage and move on

you may want to read this article:

sorry to leave a comment here to you directly. because, i do not have your email / other contacts etc. and i think this comment might surprise you / whatsoever. pls ignore this comment if you think above is not applicable.

anyway, just want to wish u, "stay happy"...oh ya, i still havent say hi to u..

my name is KG . you may drop me an email at