Thursday, July 28, 2011


There were this 2 young painters, sitting side by side, they were young, fresh, energetic and full of hope.
Both of them decided to paint a picture together 'Hey lets paint Happy?'

So they started with trees, then a hill top, then a sunset view, the picture was warm enough, enough to describe 'Happy', but they thought something was missing, then she said "Ah I know, lets paint a girl and a boy?"

So the boy and the girl were sitting close to each other on the hilltop watching the sunset, it was a perfect Happy painting, both of them are happy, the painter laid her head on his shoulder, then he said "How about putting a Future in this Happy painting?"

And there they added kids running and flying kite on the hill top together with the couple, it looks like a family now, and that feels like Future, both painters looked at each other in their eyes and smiled.

'Hey baby, lets paint an ending?' He asked, she nodded.
They added a bench, an old couple sitting on it holding hands...

Now isn't that a pretty ending? The old couple sitting on the bench, watching their grandchildren running and flying kite, while the mom and dad were just sitting there watching the sunset.

Just went she was about to keep this painting that both of them painted, someone came and told him that she wants to paint a prettier picture with him, so they walked away leaving her behind with the painting.

Sad enough she open up the paint to try and find out what was missing? It was Happy, and there is a Future, which they can imagine how pretty the Ending could be...

The rain came, the painting was gone, she tried touching it up but somehow it doesn't seems to be the one before, he came helping while she was away, no matter how hard they try, the painting was no longer the 1st one...


Anonymous said...

bolih tahan... pancut!

neTToboy said...

hey I like reading that :)

and I can't stop myself from commenting.. =p

Yup the painting was no longer there and it might be impossible for them to repaint.

but the painters should know, with their imagination and talent, they can still paint another painting, that might look way better than the previous. "deep" the meaning in this comment.. =p