Friday, June 29, 2012

The Break

Its been more than a week since my last day... It feels weird somehow, weird to stop doing something so routine for the past 3 years... And I know how my mind works, and he too, he said if I stop doing anything and started to think within my own zone, I probably get lost in my own world and wouldn't know how to come back to reality,often enough when I started to quiet down, that's what scares or worries him... 'Baby what are you thinking? You okay? Come back!' Always the same answer 'I am just dreaming...' I love seeing him smile, making him laugh knowing that will help a lot for the both of us, so we went to Kuantan, the place where he has been travelling to most often. I couldn't be more happy being there, first is for him, second is because it is so near the sea, and I said once that the beach here is alive, mainly fill with little sea creatures. We went on a little exploring adventure too, sometimes to travel without a map is quite an exploration, we found little hidden corners which surprises us, one of them is this little unique cafe we passed by along the street.
So pretty we both couldn't stop telling each other we must come back and visit this little cafe again. The uniqueness of this place is mainly the really old and torn painting on their walls, together with their oldest furniture and decoration, it really do put up a very pretty ambience. And never fail, we went to the beach for a night walk, not crowded and it is good enough to free your mind, or it works the other way round, thoughts fill up my mind...
Simple life, nothing luxury, just holding hands walking down the beach, the feeling is comforting.

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