Friday, November 24, 2006

To Her Who Suffered..

Was chatting with her on msn, knew that she is suffering a lot.
We both used to be very cheerful and it was just laughter surrounding us by then, but things really change, she was no longer that cheerful girl I've met since..
Whenever I asked about how is she and he getting on, there were no happy replies, no joy of telling me about them, just tears and doubts.

This is what I wanna tell her:
Mei,I know we both are facing almost the same situation,we both shed tears in front of each other, I know how you felt, and I know how you felt for him exactly. If you never have such feelings for him, after so many years, I know you would have left earlier rather than suffering alone here with all the things that confused you alot and wonder why is this happening although you had done best to save everything. Baby girl, things are not as easy as we know last time, feelings untold, things happen out of our control, what we can do best now is to at least learn to love ourselves again, learn to give most priority to those who deserved all your hard work and love.
Things won't change for us because we want them to.. I know we shouldn't be saying what or who is worth or not, but somehow come to a certain stage, we just could not keep on giving out and getting things throwing back at us, at the end, we are the one who suffered, then from there, we should be thinking, do we worth all this after all the love and care?
I know sometimes truth hurts alot and often do make us fall, but that is also the chance that we will stand up from where we fall, even if we have to climb from that fall, it still worth alot.. Acccepting the truth and doing things that is right for yourself is the most precious gift you can ever give to yourself and to those who love you..
After all this years crying alone in the dark, are you ready to climb up from the fall again? Just wanna let you know that, I will be there to lend you a helping hand.. Along the way upon from the fall,if you can't walk well, I am there to support your back and help you walk through this road.
Just remember this mei, we only have 1 life, and if this life ends, thats it, we can't turn back time and start all over again. That's why we should be making life happier and richer, shower this one and only life with all the best and wonderful things on earth! Don't make yourself regret more than once, cause the once is enough to ruin so many wonderful things in life..

Lots of care and love,


Alvin Ho said...

For Everyone who feel hurt in Love...

Love Yourself... n Cheer Up...
i can do it, i know you all can do it... ^_^

CHEERS... FOR THE Past LOVE... Rest in Peace...


cherrian eng lee san said...

I jz realise that, still hv ppl hv the same situation wif me. I also had my unhappy time recently. Aih.. hope everything will gone easierly, n the happy things will come faster. Hope u n me also can cheer up. love much to urself!!


The Room of Jester said...

Thx thx ^^
Here I am wishing everyone a happy life, I know it won't be a 100% one, but at least a 99% one ok?

Anonymous said...

Everything comes with a price.
But in the end you have to ask yourself, "Is this worth it?"

sweet lavender said...

I love this post so much... It makes me have courage to stand up again... Thanks to the blog owner...

*sweet lavender*

Jester is my nick said...

Hi Lavendar,

Thank you and I hope it did some wonders in your thoughts!