Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Think b4 u SPEAK..

If you think bitching and spreading stupid rumours behind their back is gona help,
NO you are wrong, you are ruining your ownself reputation ^^

If you think that you don't need to think and say things that hurt people,
GOD I pity that you are stuck at the age below 3 ^^

If you think that you get jealous when people are better than you, and you do things behind them,
*LAUGH* You will only get worse doing those kid's thing instead of improving yourself ^^

If you felt that friends around you start to not talking to you,
You are losing away true friendship becoz of your silly act. ^^

If you think that people are the one to blame when you don't get to do your things well,
Lol I am very speechless about someone who is not responsible with their own act ^^

***People that were your victims before might felt offended, but remember, it's just for a moment of anger, because they are not like you, and of course, WE'RE GROWNUPS ^^

Cheers to my dearie girls! Miss you all alot, see you all in class soon!

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