Friday, June 01, 2007


I am pretty moody at this time, moody over small matters which it does not affect my life or people around me, but, it did affect my thoughts..

You came back from Sabah since April, met you while I was having a dinner with my family.. Just dunno why, you changed alot since your father's death, and I know it was so sudden, although it was like almost a year already, but I knew it still give you an impact in your life..
The way you talk to me, you are so much more different, you talk so soft, you speak so uncertainly, you don't look the way you look last time, you don't smile and laugh so often like last time.. You are just a totaly different guy.. Someone told me, you start to smoke, you are puffing already, since when this young man where you used to oppose smoking so much... You made me worried..

Just got a news, a friend of my family, passed away..

Take good care and enjoy life, to everyone, especialy my dear girls and buddies..

P.S: When you are starting to count what you don't have, then you should start to count for what you have in your life, and at the end, you won't think that you don't have enough and life is great.. ^^

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