Thursday, September 20, 2007

What is on their mind?!

Nurin, an 8 year old girl was found missing on 20th August, being raped and murdered brutally...

Now what is wrong with all these people now, what's going on in their stupid minds?!! Are these human beings or beast?! Don't they have bloody feelings for the victims? Don't they have nightmares every night after they committed such act? I believe even animals kill for a reason, meat eater kill for the sake of hunger... How many people around us are slowly evolving into some kind of beast?!

The old people always say," What is happening to the world now? Every page of the newspapers reporting tragedies instead of news that can lightened up a day..." So here, when is the last time you read the headlines and actually smiled? Some said all these tragedies were happening all the time, maybe in the good old days, news just did not cover so much of these stories like now... I don't think so...

Tsunami, earth quakes, mother nature disasters are wiping out numbers of live, is this a symptom of clearance?

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