Sunday, April 13, 2008

Touched by an angel

Watched the movie again and again, not to feel bored about it, just simply envy the tears that she shed is because he touches her heart, trying to search through my memory box, wonder did I ever shed the tears of happiness, the answer is, for my 23 years of life, not yet... Or will it even come?

I am sentimental, I do shed tears easily for minor things I see I perceive, I shed tears for old couples holding hands, wishing that one day I can go through such great moment, but why it seems so hard to touch my heart to trigger me shed tears for happiness...

I am sure you girls who are engaged in a stable relationship had gone through such experience that you shed tears because you were touched by him, and I wonder, will I ever get my turn... If it ever happen in my life, he will be the one who will be wearing on the ring for my finger, where my surname change to his :)

Wishing all the couples and singles, happy life!


joeldeBB said...

There was once my bf still havent got car he:

walk(from college)--->bus stop(segar)--->take bus--->Maluri LRT--->SG WG(Buy the tee I wan it badly)--->LRT(Maluri)--->Take bus--->To my house(Pass me the tee)--->take bus--->Maluri LRT--->Ampang LRT--->Take bus--->back home

I cry after I firgure out how he come to my house and pass me the tee becoz he know I die die also want that tee...and that's the reason I'm so in love with him hahaha, really sohjai arrr

Shiro said...

Love's beautiful isn't it? =D
Oh no.. I've gotten emo now. Sniff, I'll just go to a corner and play some emo music.

"Teardrops on my guitar" anyone?