Saturday, March 22, 2008

Minor matters

Something flashed back while I was sitting at the kitchen just now, I remembered last year Chinese New Year wasn't a good one, because he spend the whole few months at home, where I have to attend a friend's wedding without him coming along, he was involved in an accident...

Let's say if we make the imagination worse, what if he suffered from a permanent damage, joined the disable society, or even worse than that, that was the last time I saw him? I actually cried when I see him being bandaged all over, that the doctor asked him to stay back and not to move around for at least half a year, I guessed comparing to my imagination, it was a minor case already, at least I still sees him now...

Slowly from this flashed back incident I was thinking, do people really need to suffer through a great lost in order to appreciate what they have now? For example, walking can be such great torture towards certain people, that they rather not use their legs to walk or even decrease it to the minimum usage of the pair of legs... How if one day, they were unable to use their legs anymore, they do not even have to decrease the usage of their legs, sitting on the wheel chair, will they missed those days where they can walk like everyone else? Will they regret that why they were not using such god gifted pair of legs to the max before it even expires? How does it feels when something so minor became such major problem?

Appreciate even the minor acts in life, not only the major ones :)
Good day people!

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