Saturday, June 14, 2008


Just got a strong feeling that, I won't be going too far, at least not as far as I wanted once...
I don't quite sure about my capability and ability, I understand now why do you pressure yourself so much, is to lift yourself higher to an expected stage, how if the pressure made you go down instead of climbing up?

People often said" It's ok to fell down, as long as you will stand up from the spot once again and tell yourself never to fall again..." How easy is this phrase? No it's not...

Heard of Confucian? I'm his legend, by the nick "Confusion"... I confused myself, and I confused others, I do not have one good practical philosophy in my own life, maybe I should really start to build one up, hope it's not too late though...

Ish I'm being so emo these days which I hated myself for that,and far more, everyone is leaving for their dreams, and me? Staying back and day dreaming... What the hell? Almost 24 and I am still empty handed? How many years I can yearn for the success? What I dream is always a dream, and I know it would not be a reality, no wings to spread, and I really envy those who can catch their dream and being proud about it, what will be my achievements?

Last semester and one more internship to go, and same goes to all of you, wishing u all the best in the middle cliff here, I knew everyone of you can handle these emo thinking well, pass me some useful tips to medicate this emo feeling of mine will ya?

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Anonymous said...

hie gal, make ur dreams bcum a reality..u nit to b who u r?...wat u reali want in ur life n be more confidence in order to build up a good foundation..I noe u can do it n u will hav my support no matter how difficult the road going through now..ok?
Knowing avone hav emotions juz hav to calm down n do sumthin dat u likes ok?..luv urself as u luv ur parents n ur dog 'ben'. What makes u think dat u r empty handed?..U still got plenty much time to yearn ur success n things can build slowly n step by rush la
U don think to so much la n smile alwis den oni u can bcum more happier As wat chinese says as long u got the courage a piece metal can sharpen to bcum a needle!

Live ur life!! Keep ur life goin!!
Me luv u long time..hahaha

Anonymous King