Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is...

This is how much I lay my trust on you
I doubted everyone's word but you
I trusted no one fully but you

Until you swap all the trust away from me
That now I can't even sleep well
The moment I open my eyes
I wish it was a really bad dream
That only it felt so real that made me cry

You were really someone that I trusted so much
Whole heartily that I can swear you will never do such things to me
But God proves me wrong
I fell so hard on the ground
That the impact were like a rusted sword
Pierce through the heart that I have always save for you
That I once know that, this man is worth my trust and everything

It was nothing and I shall stand strong again
Accept the truth; Face the truth; Solve the problem


Shari said...

sorry to hear abt ur "change" but u ARE so so strong i'm proud of u babe, very proud! well done to us girls!!

Jester Da Great said...

Thank you Shari, Hugz!