Thursday, August 21, 2008

Girls ^^

I don't know why, I just felt lucky to have you girlfriends with me, I felt that I'm turning into a lesbo, gosh! Ok I was seriously kidding...

Wonder why do you see so many tomboys, lesbians and gays out there now? Well I kinda figured out that:

Tomboys= I can be a better man to take care of the girls, real mans are not as good as us understanding the females?

Lesbian= We've been hurt by males a lot and now we don't need them?

Gays= For Christ sake, I don't want to be part of the male family at all, shames!

Alright I was pretty much cracking a joke and only assuming, I guess its not the truth,do not accept my silly assumptions haha...

Girls, wanted to tell that, I finally get over it, I stop being a big girl's blouse, and it was because I was lucky enough to have you girls with me, my sistas! You know you are in my girl list, I don't need to name you out, hahah!

Gonna start my internship soon, hey let's have some trips or outings before we start to work like a cow please? And yea Mady, I remembered your invitation to your BBQ! Maybe the mass comers should plan a trip to Thailand for a shopping spree? Warehouse sales from SS!!! Our parties!!! Girls night out!!!

Well, isn't life wonderful? I can tell you that, of course it is!

Oh hey, take a look a this clip, this was the former event company I was working with, see if you can spot me ok!! Hoho!!

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Anonymous said...

I can spot u in each can u spot me either??