Monday, November 03, 2008

Dreaming Big

How many times people have crushed your dreams without you noticing it?
How many times when you share your dreams and got unsupportive feedbacks?
And you gave up all your dreams, covered them up, or hide it behind your mind, and never to be mentioned again.
You get back to do things which is not what you dreamt of, for the sake of the salary, you force yourself to do something which you have 0% interest in it.
That’s what we named it “The cruel reality”

People often say that we are born to die, well yes it is true, everyone who is born, eventually have to die, there is no escape in this process. No one gotten the immortal medicine yet, the emperor of China was looking for it until now.
To be crueler, don’t let yourself die with your dreams, make at least one of the alive!

Dreaming is so easy, but to make dreams alive isn’t a 123 step, it depends on how much effort and how you want to execute it and let it happen. Thousands or more people made their dream came true, why not us?

People who wanted to make dreams happen are often dreamers, and they dare to dream big. There goes the first man who leaves human prints on the moon surface, Microsoft by Bill Gates. Flashing back even earlier, Thomas Edison invented a thing call light. Examples are too great to be applying on the normal people like us? C’mon, who told you Edison was a great student or even a super smart ass in school? No he wasn’t, but maybe he was special in his way- He never fails to try, and he never tries to give up.

Earlier stage, ever thought that there are things call computers and mobile phones? If you were in that era of people only using phone with lines attached, you go and tell them that, “Soon people can hold their phones in hand walking and talking, cordless…” The people might laugh at you and tell you that you are dreaming and being crazy, but now you see mobile phones everywhere, almost everyone is holding one in hand.

Nothing is impossible, dreams are often precise as things which cannot be achieve, but that’s is the wrong conception, people will only be successful when they dare to try, to risk, to fail and stand again, and try again till they achieve what the have longed for.

So from today onwards, do no stop yourself from dreaming, and do not only allowed yourself to dream without executing it, the first step is always the most difficult one, but once you made the first move, nothing can come in your way to stop you. Things aren’t difficult when you think that it is easy.

I have my dreams too, and I’ll execute it, I hope one day we will be celebrating dreams.
When the whole world falls, and if you stand strong, the world is yours ;)

Good day peeps, and if there is anything you wanna comment, feel free to leave them here.

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