Monday, December 15, 2008

Something so random

Everyone loves December, it's the most welcomed month of the year, and I too welcome and hoping it never ends...

Kissing 2008 goodbye in only few weeks more, how fast can it be? We are finally getting rid of books, exams, presentations and lectures and stepping into the working world already, and seriously, I am missing those studying days ok...

At last, I got the mood to blog again, by cleaning my dusty blog with some new post.

How come a 20+ year old women is like going through a mid life crisis? It's like everything seems to be so uncertain and lifeless? Where is all the excitement that a young chap like us shall be enjoying instead? Bleh!

The only nice hope so far would be Christmas, but then, there is no plan yet! I can't feel Christmas at the mean time, gaah!

Ah finally I got part of the Chiang Mai pictures after like dunno how many hundred years, thanks to the one who is being such a good photo keeper that he don't even share it out, crappy eh?

Only one for the moment, well at least better than none duh~

Well yes I'm peeping, you won't know if there is any nice undies down there

More to come once I got all the pictures from the keeper! ^^

1 comment:

m.a.D.y said...

you look so perverted peeping under the bell... super cannot make it can?!

btw... wht happend to my blog link?? :(