Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chiang Mai

Still it's not complete but well... Here are the pictures...
Next trip I wish I can visit Taiwan, hope to make it come true by next year!!!

People actually sleep on the air plane like this,he must have been missing his bed so much :|

Ahem... Sleeping beast.... Don't wake her up or else, BITE!!!

Oh yea this is the hotel we were staying in for the past few days, we got lost for the 1st day and couldn't find the path and lift to our room... Can?!

The 1st stop --> temple visiting, we look so orang kampung :|

Another way of getting bless is to bang the head against the bell till you bleed, thank you for the demonstration.

The eyebrow dog, wonder if it uses Benefit punya brand...

Alright the next stop we came by a umbrella factory, the umbrellas are all hand made and I wanted to grab some back home but then, have you heard of the spirit of the umbrella? :D

The manyak serious punya uncle, imagine if I accidentally patah one of the kaki there, sure kenna gau gau...

The felt so impressive foreigner...

The half way hand drawing t-shirt, it's mineeeeeeeee!!

The very satisfying consumer, he even painted my name nicely on the t-shirt, hohohoho...

So erm, still there is more to upload, so many pictures lah, will continue "Orang Kampung at Chiang Mai" Season 2 soon! More to come----> To be continue----> I'll BE BACK!

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