Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Movie List 2009

Watched the trailer, just felt like watching this movie, hehehe...

Harry Potter!!! The trailer totally turn me on can!

Another end of world movie, just wanna see how good is this gonna be, the trailer looks really good though.

Jeez this is my all time favourite apart from Shrek!

Ok I'm kinda addicted to Twilight when I 1st watched it, mainly because of the vampires, who doesn't like pretty things right?!

Night at the Museum 2
Hmm I heard that it's kinda entertaining, well I do love Ben Stiller, always got Adam Sandler to mixed up with. >.<

Not so much of a terminator fan, but because Christine Bale is in the movie!! And most of all, I don't get to see Arnold Schwarzenegger!!! Wooohoooo!!!

Transformers!!! I've been dreaming about this movie for such a long time!!!

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