Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Crazy Night

Opps again my blog is all covered with dust, let me do a little bit of cleaning.

I actually have plenty to update, but then my weekends was all burnt for getaways, 1st was Redang, and next was Malacca, enjoyed both, and yes there will be entries about my trip to this 2 places, well hmm at least before this week ends maybe? =D

Ok just a quick update on yesterday's karaoke, it was a replacement for Robb's big day, which was like 2 weeks ago, it's pretty difficult to gather everyone to a same destination though, but hell yea, yesterday was a successful one, indeed.

11 of us, all cramped in a room, shouting our lungs out, yes u hear me, shouting instead of singing, and the 'Backstreet Boys / Westlife”, aka Nuffstreet Boys, was stealing each others line when the leader said one line at a time.

Telling you honestly, was busy laughing more than singing, that ended up ridiculously tired because of OD in laughter.

Nuffies, let's have more outings like this, it was really a great night, too bad no images was capture, because everyone was busy laughing, eating, shouting, and not forgetting stealing lines.

Conclusion : We had a great night! A crazy one.



Nicholas Chay said...

I think you melted David's heart that night!

Jester is my nick said...

Lol I deformed his heart? did I? Kekekeke...