Saturday, December 12, 2009

Medical Check Up

I guessed it was by far the most MC I took within a month...
My gastric was back, and it gotten worse, worried enough, mom suggested that I should go seek a doctor for a medical check up, just to make sure my body system is still as strong...

Haih I am a sucker for needles lah, I guess to be optismictic, I won't end up being a drug addict then... Not to mention, this is the second injection I had during the year of 2009, 1st one was injected on my butt, and now this is to get my blood sample...

THe doctor was a Malay lady, should be at her 40s, wearing thick glasses with a smile telling me " No no don't worry, it's not painful, just feels like an ant biting you that's all..."

*In my mind - Er I was bitten by red ants before and it HURTS lah!*

While the doctor was holding my left hand, looking for my vains to get my blood sample, I'm trying hard to thinnk of something else....... No it wasn't working! I can feel the needle poked through my skin!

*1st attempt FAIL

"Aiyah so hard to see your vain one? Cannot get the blood... Come I try again..."

*FTS, it wasn't a once and for all thing
*2nd attempt.... FAIL TOO!!

"Aiyah difficult lah this hand, maybe I try on your right arm okay? "

T_____________T  *When is this going to end....*

Left hand felt a bit numb, because I was too nervous that my palms were damn wet, now right hand somemore... That's it, I will end up like someone without arms...

Finally the doctor found my freaking vain and gotten my blood sample...
But that's not the end, doctor and I noticed my blood is a bit too thick (Might be a result of having high cholesterol...)

How? I will have heart attack at the age of early 20s kah?!
Let's just hope my health report will pass with flying colours next week... >.<

"Aiyor you must learn how to relax darling, it's not healthy if you are stress all the time..."

Ok relax... Too short holiday to go to the beach, so I went for window shopping and bought myself some stuff, stuff that I know I don't need but I still buy, because it's just cute! *Girls are like that, no denial on that... We are suckers for cute stuff...*

Guess what? This is actually to clean the dust on your computer screen, figure it out then it can be an arm rest too... *Hearts*

Some monkey looking little purse, thought it would be useful when I carry out sometimes, instead of holding my big purse...

And a cosmetic pouch! My love for gingerbread man!!! This pouch was a love at 1st sight thingy, and the best thing is... The zip there is this small little gingerbread man! *hearts the most*

Oklah, I am shifting real soon to my new place already, I know instead of buying all these, I should be buying something really useful, will be going for furniture shopping next week, thinking of how to decorate my room just makes me excited, weehee! Maybe I should buy a gingerbrad man bed frame! Well only if I finds one...

Cheers people!


Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

All you need is just spend 1-2 hours to release ur stress.

Take deep breath is one of the easy step~! =)

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

fuwah new layout..
and seriously..

take deep breath like what TC said.


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