Thursday, December 17, 2009

How's Like Having Your Own Private Party?

Craving some beer to ease your thirst??

Remember years back when I wanted to catch some movies in cinema, this advertisement really hit me hard, mainly is because I love that song, and the whole ad just got the ability to leave a smile on your face.

Now Carlsberg is going to put a bigger smile on your face this Christmas festive =)
You will stand a chance to win your own private party with the hot FHM Girls Next Door sponsored by Carlsberg and you will be partying at the exclusive Carlsberg Lounge...

Opps guys don’t drool over your keyboard please.....

Besides showing you the hot babes, let Jester tell you how you can win by doing some really cute stuff!

Taaaadaaaaaa! Look at this! The trinket for Jester...
Wahahaha here’s more....

*Don’t know why, felt that the 2nd from left trinket fits in the best for this particular trinket design* ~Giggles~

Yes the bigger and taller your X’mas tree is, the higher the chance of having your own private party!

When I was trying out this application, the girls were like “Owwhhh so cute one!! I want also I want!!”
Well... Times are tough now, Christmas tree + trinkets probably going to cost you a bomb. The fact of having a real Christmas tree and having a Christmas tree on Facebook is just different.

Christmas tree at home:
-Costly but nice
-Only people who will be visiting your house will see it

Christmas tree on Facebook:
-FREE and NICE! (Malaysians suka free stuff punya)
-Whoever that you tag will be able to see the deco on the tree, best thing is they are the trinkets themselves, so why not?

Now here are some of the ABC steps to put your friends on your own Christmas tree!
  1. Join as a fan!
  2. Then start decorating your tree at
Once you have added the application, you will come to this page...

Only  4 simple steps to decorate your X’mas tree

Step 1: Choose a friend

Step 2: Choose your friend’s trinket design. (I’m still finding the face for my Santa Clause trinket)

Step 3: Adjust your friend’s face accordingly to fit in into the picture, can scale and rotate

Step 4: Drag your trinket to the tree and click “Confirm”

Woohoo and you are done putting your friends all over your tree, every time you add in an amount of trinkets, your tree grows higher. Now mine is like 9ft tall already!!!

Let see if I can beat KLCC Twin Tower *stare*
Till then, I shall continue decorating my tree wahahaha!


Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

Yay! I'm featured in your tree! Will start decorating mine too =D

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

Yay! I'm in your tree! I will start decorating my tree too...and maybe put you in it..just maybe. hehehe =D

dogbone said...

i'm the santa trinket cuz i'm always jolly! that's right... that's the only reason. no other reason! >:(

§pinzer said...

I'll beat your tree soon!!

Huai Bin said...

FHM girls eh? No la, having a party with Jestina is better. ;)

Jester is my nick said...

Hahaha Michelle damn cute one why?

DogBone: Sorry I learn all the mean tricks from you wei.. =)

Spinzer : Ne ne Ne ne Ne~~

HuaBin : You sure onot? After you regret hahahaha!

Alpha Ace said...

damn ... i just don't have those Hot Chicz living next door...

the worst part of it... my neighbors were Muslims ... dare u pick their daughter ... kakaka~

T___T i need hot chicz ....

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