Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mom.. Dad..

Finally I am gonna start work next Tuesday, working as a part-time trainer, which I am going to train internal people about presenting and product briefing.

Mom.. Dad..Ever know that why I insisted in working? At first my timetable is quite loosen up and I do not want to waste alot of time doing nothing at home after class.. The priority of me getting a job, is actually for you both, to have the chance to shower you both with all I can earn for now, at this time..

My biggest wish, is to see you both go for holidays or even honeymoon without needing to come out with a cent, or even to worry about the budget of the whole holiday, all will be sponsor by me and of course brother.

I know you both will never read this, that's why I am gonna write down just anything that I wanna say, and wish that somehow one day, you can feel what I feel while writing this blog.

Mom dad, I knew during my schooling time, I showered you with alot of dissapointment, mom you even felt so heartbroken taht you actually cried for my PMR results for not scoring flying colours in it, such tough women I knew since I was born, not even the hardest day could make her shed tears, but it was me..

You are working hard, you carry high responsibilities, and you don't spend for yourself, when I asked why.. You always say :" It's not easy to earn money,if there is any emergency, at least there is some to count on.."

Tears are starting to roll down halfway through the blog..**

I knew it was hard, I knew it was suffering, I knew you were not in a bed of roses till now,you have not got the chance to sit back and enjoy, there is so much more I couldn't just type it here, so much more, there is just so much more..

Please let me promised you that, you will be enjoying life when your daughter is successful, it won't be long mom dad..
I love seeing you both smile and laugh, that's the greatest smile I ever seen in my whole life.. I love you..


*~Catherine~* said...

aawww...so touching la. u r such a good daughter. gambate o'!

-hopefully- said...

sure u can do it! yay sure u can!!!!!!!

-hopefully- said...

nice blog! reallii sure u can do it. feel da same in here...hehe...hope i can do it too..miss my mom n dad~

SueShen said...

aww~ tears are 'boiling' in my eyes already. work hard ya~ i'm sure u can make it. JIA YOUUUUU!!!

Anonymous said...

im sure they will know someday....

Huai Bin said...


This is so touching.

I cannot tahan! T_________T

ahlost said...

so sweet of you..

I haven't got the courage to write this yet..

I know I should, one day ;)

eiling lim said...

all the best!