Monday, May 17, 2010

My Neck

I think I slept on a wrong pillow with the wrong'est position, my neck and back is all aching that I can't look down, left and right smoothly! 

Monthly visit is here too (If you know what I meant), gaah I am one of those unlucky ones, when I am having it, I usually suffer the numb and aching for the 1st few days, haih...

Why women... Why? 

Dunno since when this was taken, and I can't recall who took this, but yea definitely fits in my moody mood today. 

Cheers people!


KY said...

bitch mode - on!

Tekkaus said...

I think it happened to me too the other day. :/

Ouh...that is how Nuffnang's office looks like? :p

Huai Bin said...

Oh noes!!!

Double whammy...btw, the date is on the photo. :)