Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Munchy's Music

Let me list down some of the ways you can get girls around you, well at least these attracts me...

1. Your killer suit (Suit you put charm on it)
2. Your stylish hairstyle
3. Your killer smile
4. Your skill of sweet talking
5. Your skill in instruments
6. Your personality - Down to earth prince charming
7. Your dance moves
8. Your way of being shy when you get compliments
9. Your way of looking
10. And if you know beat boxing

Let's say if you can do something like this and you are in Malaysia, and on top of that you are looking for a chance to perform and show your skills, well your chance is here!

Let's look at how good beat boxing kick ass when you are not in the right place for it, but you get the pass from the judges to finish off the whole performance, without them shooing you away with the bell on their hands.

Now Malaysians here's you chance of beat boxing competition!
Music Munchy's

I bet you can do better than this boy can you?


Tekkaus said...

Haha :D I don't have any of the traits you mentioned. Too bad. :p

Jester said...

C'mon you don't need all these anymore, you are a dad now! =D

Che Armster said...

Let's see how attractive I am...

1. no suit.. just leather jacket - fail!
2. definitely not stylish - fail!
3. my buck-teeth can kill people - fail!
4. I whine more - fail!
5. so-so in guitar - so-so pass!
6. any living speciment who I can compare to? - fail!
7. I dance like a log.. William Hung dances better than me - fail!
8. I wear mask - definite pass LOL!
9. Can't see..skeletons don't have eyes - fail!
10. uhmm.. Can occasional stuttering be counted as beat-boxing? - fail!

It's too much for me to handle *sulking*

just kidding.. am too bored atm hahahahaha