Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Morning Sunday

**Random Update**
Had a good company these 2 days because I got a room mate with me - Elise Tay, one of the Singapore nuffie came down to KL to =P

I am sure we did gave her many to eat, plenty of love,but pray, okay not sure if I should bring her to a temple before she goes back to Singapore later in the afternoon. =P

Will be taking plenty of pictures before she leaves, so shall update again!

Besides that, there were quite a lot of happenings this week, feels like it's been the longest week and it felt like a year, everything seems to move just too fast within a week, not a bad thing. =)

Till then, I think I put on quite a lot of weight, you know why?

Because I have been having dessert lately, and I wasn't a dessert person before, things change. >.<
(Was having 2 ice creams at once while chilling with Jenhan and Kim weeks ago)

Am I the eating monster now?

Shall end with a quote :
Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."  ~ Confucius


EC said...

I had a great Sunday. Will never forget this day. :)

Baby said...

2 desserts at the same time? 1 hand holding 1? did they melt before you finish eating?