Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Was talking to this friend of mine, she was too curious to know why am I being single.

"Single? You sure or not? For sure not long one, your queue so long, so many to choose from..."

"Wahlau you think I choose people only? People also got the right to choose me one okay, not when I say I want then I can get..."

"Your standards too high lah must be, if not you sure can get one... Better lower your standards a bit, if not how many people you are going to reject? Then because of your character, sooner or later you become your own boyfriend..."

**She made me sounds like I am some, I dunno, it just doesn't sounds good**

"Got such thing as becoming your own boyfriend? Wtf?"

Someone who is mature, stable, caring, and loving - high standards?

Don't think so... Let's see what are the no no characters I won't get attracted to...

I can't take guys with childish character, and thinks he knows everything but just living in a nutshell.
I don't quite admire guys who just live their life each day and not plan for a future.
I don't like guys who mask a lot, it doesn't look good when I find out the person behind it.
I don't like guys who boast about nothing but himself - Hate it when someone is always full of himself...

Not picky, am I? =P


Tekkaus said... Childish people like me totally a no-no right? :p

yapthomas said...

quite lor... picky..

Huai Bin said...

You know, I thought I couldn't accept certain character traits too, but as I grow older I found out that things are never that inflexible. :)

A relationship is all about compromise and there are always things about the other person that you wouldn't like...but you'll tolerate and eventually even accept that part of the person.

You take the good with the bad and make the most of it. :)

All the best Jestina! I'm sure you'll find someone you'll be happy with. :D

Anonymous said...

Picky or not, its your right.