Sunday, February 27, 2011

Game Trailers

Was actually watching the trailer for Transformers, and accidentally stumble upon this cool game trailer, which I kind knew it quite sometime ago, but didn't really watch it.

I was watching this trailer - Dead Island. (I will definitely want to get my hands on this game)
One awesome game trailer, haven't watch something like this, despite having the zombies growling at the back scene, together with the theme song, seriously, it brings out all the emotions man.

The last scene was the killer, that makes you go all emotional... T_T
One word for this game trailer - Brilliant

After done watching the emo trailer, I watched Alice - Been hearing how dark this Alice in Wonderland is, and yea the trailers are very much based on various dark elements, not the Disney ones when I watched, everything was so candy colour and pretty.
The Disney version will make people wanna go wonderland
This version will makes you have goosebumps over wonderland, not really a wonderland.

Nevertheless, me being me, I love dark themes, the darker the better, so, I love the trailers, here you go :)

Did you enjoy it? Or is it only me? :P


Tekkaus said... come the game looks a bit...sombre to me. :p

Then again I enjoyed it.

Jest said...

Hahaha dark theme! You gotta love them in some ways Chris! =D

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