Saturday, April 02, 2011

Michael Buble 13th March 2011

This was the best present I ever bought for myself on my birthday, a ticket to Michael Buble concert with my favourite people too, what else I can ask more... =)
Until now, when I look back at the pictures, I still miss it a lot, and I told myself if he is gonna be here again, I don't mind paying more for his concert, because it's just worth it, really.

I was hooked on to him when I was looking for songs to download, and I accidentally downloaded the song ' I wanna go home', and I totally fall for him after the first time listening to his voice, I was accidentally in love.

That's where I started paying a lot of attention to him, listening to almost all his songs, especially when I was about to sleep, I would have this habit of listening to one or two of his songs, helps me to sleep better, all the time. 

I gotten more in love, when someone like him introduced this song 'Lost' to me, every now and then when I listen to it, it brings back memories, good ones. 

Another thing I really miss is the company trip on a cruise, that was really awesome and I am gonna miss it a very long time.

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陳一豪 said...


Ears wet so cannot use my stim earphones so abit wasted :(