Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yay I just finished my 1st paper of the semester yuhooo! Another coming up by tomorrow aiks, gonna get myself studying already lol ^^ .. Ok I guess I hve done my best on the paper, and no regrets at all, at least I din't spend much time on memorizing lol, unlike someone, doing the memorizing thing until 5am in the morning, omg you must be crazy man!! But hey, I heard that you did well in Part A, so it's worth all your effort afterall Kingster ^^!

Ok while blogging, I saw something actually run by my door room, although it's just a blink of an eye, but damn I saw what was that!! Ben, my rebellious puppy, was having my socks in his mouth!!! How the hell did that lil brat ever reach to my socks in the red pail eh??!!! Caught him red handed with the evidence (the socks) and gave him some spanking, but he was showimg me the look like " Hey you know you can't hurt me me that newspaper? Its tickling me instead! Nanananana~" , from the look, I remembered reading a story book "Gingerbread Boy" with his usual captions " U cannot catch me, coz im the gingerbread boy.." , so ok instead of gingerbread boy, the phrase would be "you cannot catch me,coz im the gingerbutt dog!" Grrr!!!

Alright talking bout this lil rebellious teenager dog, he cause alot of trouble by destroying my dad's favourite car magazines, treating everywhere as his toilet, hiding our slippers and most evil of all! He even tried riding and treating my old pet bunny which is curerntly retired now as his (Ben)all time favourite teddy bunny! He tried riding on that poor old hack.. Bitting of his long ears which that Ben thinks bunny will look better with shorter ears----> Dwarf bunny..

But there is something cute about this lil rascal is, whenever you reached the doorstep, you will know there is something behind the door, waiting to greet you.. This eventually lightened up your saddy mood with his wagging tail and licking on your legs, although I can't really see the lenght of his tiny tail lol! Adorable yes..

After Ben became part of the family, visitors increased and increasing! Friends (Joanna,Endang, Jun and others) love dropping by to look at this lil brat, and yea I would like to tell you gals that, you can always come visit Ben and yea as well, you will be visiting me too while visiting him!!?? Ok I have to accept the fact that, I'm not the priority while this lil brat got all the attention! ^^

Haha so here I would stop, gotta take a bath,have my nice lunch which will lead to a nap, after that, battle begins! Good luck to all who is gonna sit for the paper tomorrow!


~~hopefully~~ said...

I miss leng zai aben! but tis notty dog like to bully cuttie lenglui blue pity~! wakakaka...but still, i will visiting u more n more o..*i mean aben.=Pwekz..WISH U ALL DA BEST!!!!!

M.a.D.Y said...

You got a puppy and you didnt tell me???

ouch tht hurts awfully...

thanks friend... :/

The Room of Jester said...

aww Mady!! Haha please don't feel that my dear, I just got that lil brat weeks ago!! xD So ur are not too late to know that!! *hugz*

M.a.D.Y said...

so nice you finally got your dog already... what breed issit? it looks like a miniature pintcher same as my muffin haha... only my muffin is not tht "miniature" =.="